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  1. What I’d like to have right now, is for all you fat out of shape Los Angeles losers, to keep the noise down while I take off my robe, and show all the ladies what the sexiest man alive looks like!
  2. How are you gonna fight off all the horny men and women once you've exposed yourself as the sexiest man alive?
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  3. I won’t I’ll let them have their way.
  4. Kinky.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I come from Los Angeles 🥺
    Edit: Ain’t nobody wanna see your small wee wee
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  7. Good thing I’m in Texas
  8. I’ll be streaming it live
  9. Remember this Tyler?
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  10. I was thinking the same thing... Good thing I'm not in LA
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  11. Wish I was still in Texas tbh.
  12. You should be BK's new spokesperson.
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  13. Gold
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  14. Omigosh it's my adorable waif
  15. Sigh. I'm terribly sorry. The dad jokes... They just.. sorry
    What's the sexiest man alive doing hiding under your robe?
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  16. Yee
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