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    What are your opinions on broccoli?

    Most people I've come across hate it, but I think it's an healthy substitute to Cauliflower.
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  4. I love me some broccoli honestly. It’s like ima giant eating Lil trees
  5. Honestly would prefer brocolli over cauliflower
  6. It's yummy. Idk why ppl dislike it. I also don't know why it would be a healthy substitute to cauliflower? They're both v nutritious vegetables, no substitutes needed
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  7. I like both. I especially like stir fry and pasta with both vegetables together along with carrot and pepper.
  8. People who hate it are just hopping on a bandwagon there's really nothing special enough about broccoli to warrant hating it. It's okay.
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  10. Raw broccoli, or quickly sauteed with a squeeze of lemon juice, cracked pepper, and a teeny sprinkle of salt (maybe, not always). Yum! It's honestly one of my fave veggies! πŸ₯¦β€οΈ
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  11. This made me hungry :c
  12. Ew you eat it raw??? It needs to be steamed at least wot da heck, manic
  13. How
  14. Cauli>brocc
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  15. I haven't eaten dinner yet 🌚 also, i love broccoli
  16. omg wait i did not see the raw part
  17. But it's crunchy and yum and full of goodness. 😍
  18. Broccoli cheddar soup is fire. Broccoli by itself...nahhh.
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    Broccoli Soup is a part of my everyday meal. I have it at least once a day ❀
  20. I love broccoli, but its genetically modified to cabbage which upsets me for some reason.