LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Femme Fatale Raffle!💄

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  1. The compact boxes are the stats you have to open them
  2. I know that that but there is some rigging. Why have some of the same people won the top spot 3 times with little tickets?
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  3. How often do they do raffles ?
  4. It literally says before you buy tickets in the raffle that it doesn’t matter how many tickets you buy, the winners are randomly chosen. Its a luck thing now a how much you spent thing.
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  5. Just say you don’t know how raffles work.
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  6. genuine question, are the runner up (participation) prizes not out yet? specifically referring to the cash raffle
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  7. Still missing any cash prizes =/
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  8. Thank you for letting us keep the raffle tickets!
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  9. Didn't receive any rewards yet. Still waiting here. Hopefully this isn't some system error and will get it soon...
  10. i’ve seen some who placed in the cash raffle get their rewards, i think the delay may just be with runner up/participation prizes, not 100% sure though
  11. Yea…I didn’t enjoy this raffle
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  12. Thank you
  13. 😭❤️ I won the cash one ayyyyyy
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  14. Update: I got tier 5 rewards from cash tickets
  15. Nothing from either yet not even participation items, maxed out cash and bought ec ticket bundle, clearly not worth the hassle next time
  16. Only received ec reward; not cash rewards and I did both…
  17. Nothing yet...
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  18. still haven't got cash raffle reward yet
  19. Did I just have to have it in my showcase??
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  20. i didnt get any from this raffle 🥹
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