Expand club limit?

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  1. I'm new to posting but I figured I'd put my idea out here to see what others thought.

    What does everyone think of possibly expanding the club limit size from 100 to possibly 125-150 members?

    Hope everyone likes this :)
  2. Sure, I see nothing wrong with this.
  3. Hi i think that the club limit should be 150 or 200
  4. I would have no problem with that. I’m also fine the way it is. As long as it’s introduced without an obvious bias for ec clubs. So many of the new features are clearly to reward the cat/dog/invite clubs. I believe there is still value in a solid, loyal group in a POTD club.
  5. Why you asking for 150 - 200 member limit?
    Out of 100 of 60 people hitting any party hardly they will get max plunder. I don't think its a good idea to recruit 200members in a club it will decrease party plunder. Better kick inactives when party is in danger and check the invites you send to people befor Posting for lbh.
    Tho if you are planning to do a kini party and ask hitters to pay 1c to club bank to hit party, its a cool idea to get profited. Atleast better than hosting raffles where host gets 6 -7 bentos by collecting chibis then give 1 person a items worth 2 -3b .
  6. I thought of this for potd clubs as I'm in one :)
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  7. I think this is a great idea! Would definitely help potd clubs :)
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  8. I think it's a good idea, particularly for POTD clubs. I don't really see EC clubs being able to take advantage of tho, because people will complain of overbooking if they tried. So it's definitely something POTD clubs can take advantage of. I know plunder is a concern, but I think club admins would know what works for their club and what doesn't. It would definitely be usefully for LBH, so they don't have to kick anyone. I can see this being particularly useful if you want b2b potd with no breaks. You can recruit admins and members of different time zones and have more space for them.
  9. Not the 1st time this has been suggested. Im not for or against the idea. I dont see the point in it tho. If you got active members then you can win parties easy in all 24hrs of the day with even 80 members. If you are struggling with 100 then you need to look at how active your members are
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  10. It would create imbalance of the game.
  11. Why?
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  12. This might help BBBs & be beneficial for mass buying
  13. If you’d like to make suggestions for game development you should join the PIMD discord and the developers don’t keep an eye on forums and wouldn’t see this.
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  14. If this were fully accurate, any time someone makes a suggestion to help, they wouldn’t direct players to the forums
  15. i’m not sure i see the point in expanding except for within those very few and very lucky clubs that have all 100 players active and hitting parties at the same time. if you’re struggling to finish parties in potd clubs, it would highlight a mass amount of inactive club members and if party hitting’s your goal, perhaps it’s not the club for you? i’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad idea, i’m just not seeing a huge benefit for it tbh. perhaps an option to purchase more member slots could be interesting however!
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  16. also moving this thread to the questions/feedback section of forums as this would not be classed as a guide! 💚 feel free to pm if you need clarification on forum categories.
  17. I think making it an option to purchase more full member spots could be beneficial

  18. To Touch on this you have to Ask, Would it be Fair for one club to have 200 members while other Clubs are Struggling to Recruit. You could use the same argument on the Current base 100 members, honestly I believe the cost of club creation needs to go up again.

    Also having more Member Slots doesn't mean anything Look at Foxes, they hardly ever hit Capacity and they're only one of the few clubs that ATA allotted Extra member space for back in the day
  19. When has this game ever been fair?
  20. I think op is asking for a general club expansion. Not just only for them