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  1. Theme: Scream

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  3. This is so cute omg 🥺🥺
  4. Thank you ^·^
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  5. [​IMG]

    Theme 3: Scream
    Scream it all out from your heart. ❥︎
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  6. Theme 3: Scream


    My love story ends
    Even before it start
    It all began when I fell hard
    To boy next door who stole my heart

    He looks cute with that smile on his face
    As we walk by the park with our fingers interlaced
    Bit by bit he creeped in inside my heart
    Only to find out it was just a bet right from the start

    So here I am now shattered into pieces
    Thinking of all the promises and sweet little kisses
    Yet none of it would matter
    For a silent scream is all I can utter




  7. Theme 3 scream

    Meet Art Loomis daughter of ghostface. Art is a daddy's girl through and through and is ready to follow in both her dad's footsteps with her own personal twist.

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  8. Theme 4

    ✩Theme 4 Due : October 29th @ 12pm PST✩
  9. When drawing another other artist’s character, please provide credit.
    Your entry will not be disqualified, however it’s always good to credit the original artist for a character you did not create. Since it’s fan art, you want people to know who the fan art is of! (• ◡•)

    Character belongs to the artist Neytirix:
  10. Ahhh I'm sorry about that. I'll keep that in mind next time
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  11. I was informed that the following entry was indeed copied from the original artist so the following entry is disqualified for plagiarism:
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  12. I love how themes get challenging😂
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  13. [​IMG]

    Smoke & Mirrors
    by: Chaseee

    Temporary bliss;
    permanent damage,
    What did I do?
    Well, you just lacked knowledge

    Who are you?
    I am just a friend
    Do you even have a clue
    that your life is about to end?

    Every huff of toxic air,
    your internal organs are in despair
    Smoking really kills,
    Do you still want this thrill?

    Where am I?
    Why is it so dark?
    I see a tree—
    Wait, is this the park?

    I walked near
    and stumbled upon something hard
    It’s a tombstone—
    Crap! it’s a graveyard!

    Did I just die?
    Good thing you realized
    Your ignorance and actions
    paid your final goodbyes.
  14. 4th Theme: Death

    My drawing is inspired by Thresh of LoL, as per detail in the background I thought of an hourglass to represent life and death. No one really knows the lifespan of a human being on earth.

    I enjoyed this event a lot, I hope there is more in the future. Whoever is reading this, I hope you enjoyed too :)

    I'll leave a quote as this will be the last entry:
    "It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." -Marcus Aurelius

    Thresh of LoL:
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  15. [​IMG]
    Deathmask Divine
    ⚠️ Don't listen to Deathmask Divine by The Black Dahlia Murder if you don't like Death Metal ⚠️🌚

    Reference pic, Ign and step-by-step make-up below 🖤💀
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  16. For this prompt I drew our Latvian folklor of Death representation. She's called "Death Mother". She is usually represented as a female in age in white robes and in pagan times was not feared. Altho she usually is happy if someone dies to add to her realm that doesn't much differentiates from the world above. I tried this time a digital spectrum with Krita. Hope you like it ❤️☺️
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. love that song :,) 🖤
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  18. Theme:Death
  19. Excuse me no this isnt! How the hell is this plagiarism? I didn't copy it in any way! If I did it would be the same as the original like 100% the same.
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