EVENT Dorms and Dragons

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  1. Why is the 499 not a dragon..🤕
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  2. eh, i was expecting a halloween one. i don't really like it,
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  3. She is either leaderboard or 3rd & 4th side stories, neither of which has been officially released yet.
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  4. This would have fit October fairly well. Maybe we’ll get some in a story pass.
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  5. If you buy the dice and a friend opens can they send the bonus to you? Or is it only for that account that opens it.
  6. Thank you
  7. We just celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with that last hunt.
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    I only like this hunt bc of I can't even's geek week with Dan and Phil

  9. I take it back. I like two of the guy Avis. 🌝
  10. this could've been executed much better. even i can see that and i know nothing about this game
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  11. Nah, just not my thing. I'll pass on this one, but I hope those who like it have fun.
  12. Why y’all think skinny girls don’t LARP? These avis are all thick. 🥲
    Not all nerds are..

    also, no fae or fall hunt? 🥺🤌🏻

    this is just another dreading 2 weeks for me till the next hunt. Same disappointment as the hunt before this, and the hunt before that, and the hunt- nah i liked the pvp one tbh. Already 7 weeks ago. 🗿
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  13. Eh ..
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  14. Love that we are doing a DnD hunt! I do wish we had more of a PC vibe, but i know we kinda got this with previous avis.
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  15. Trash
  16. This is a huge flop nice try Ata 🤣 maybe make the avis resemble the actual game next time and make the dorm theme a bit more put together. It seems yall don't know anything about dnd🤭
  17. Why do y’all bother giving us surveys if it’s not gonna help you collect relevant data for what we really enjoy.

    This isn’t what we want. Theme’s nice but Avis aren’t it. Furniture too. I’ll just have to get through this one patiently. 🥲
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  18. 🤢this hunt is trash and so are the avatars 🤮🚮🚮🚮🚮such a waste of time and energy .. won’t even open the avatar boxes you can keep them 🚮
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  19. We just had an autumn hunt 👀