LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Dia De Los Muertos Avatars & Gifts

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  1. [​IMG]
    Celebrate the cycle of life and death with us this Dia De Los Muertos!
    Dia De Los Muertos avatars and gifts are now available at the Store until the end of Cryptid! At The Disco (Nov 5th, noon PST).




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  2. awesome!!
  3. You already did this ones last year just difrent color clothes
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  4. Send me mango lollipops/ calavera shots gracias🥰.!
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  5. They have lots of old Dia de las Muertos avatars than just last year. It's an annual cultural holiday.
  6. They look super different so idk what youre on ab
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  7. I seen skull Avis like that before tho
  8. Because Sugar Skulls are a part of Day of the Dead. So they avatars like this every year for this cultural holiday. But these are very different from last year's sugar skull avatars
  9. Oh this makes me very happy!!
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  11. I'm sorry I can't hear you, I'm drowning in Halloween
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  12. 🥃Feel free to send me calavera shots 🥃
  13. I’m loving mines 🥰
  14. Only if you gift back
  15. Love the 5 ec ava option!! ❤️✨
  16. Remember me.
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  17. My mouth started salivating when I saw the mango pops 🥵
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