Days of Pastel and Chocolate

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. ? same boring theme
  2. Its an easter theme, based on easter and spring, during easter and spring. What kind of theme were you expecting?
  3. This is about right on the money

  4. Hopefully next hunt is shorter. It's better when there are smaller ones in between the bigger 2 week long ones
  6. Omg so cool when does it start
  7. I wanna know how many stats does EGG WITH LEGS have. Please ?
  8. [Colour=red]=_=[/colour]
  9. I opened 7 boxes and all I got that was good was 3 cp...?really!!!
  10. I did not get my yellow butterfly
  11. How do you get only 3 things from 7 boxes hmm? ?
  12. She said only thing good she got was 3 care packs , learn to read before making a wiseass comment pal.
  13.  Need to check ATA's Avatar Room to check on which ava next in hunt. 
  14. :| if might have not been a yellow party. Check out this thread for a list of parties on the last comment.
  15. I feel like they got really lazy with the avvies. Like three are pretty much the same things.