EVENT Critter Comforts

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  1. I still feel like the avis are kinda recycled lately... As well as hunt ideas... And furniture... And stats...

    When there are so many interesting ideas in the suggestions thread...
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  2. How do i get the snake avi?
  3. I think its the 3rd and 4th side story avi?
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  4. How come the last 3 hunts the female avatars have all been strength builds? What are intelligence builds chopped liver now? Wth man? It's supposed to switch up every other hunt. Us intelligence builds deserve love too, :(
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  5. Love this. It's super cute. Also love that the above bed is like a grown up, cleaner version of the lizard tank we get in the tutorials šŸ¦ŽšŸ˜
  6. Side avi
  8. agreed! Gives us an early Easter Avi imo
  9. Right? So cute! All the bunny themed stats are great too, lol. Cant wait to see Easter stuff!
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  10. This hunt is just LOVELY!!! :D
  11. Good job on this hunt guys!! It's been fun