EVENT Critter Comforts

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  1. Dis so good especially all da PLANTS ❤️
  2. I love everything about this event!
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  3. YESSSS! I will absolutely throw money at you for this one. Thank you SO MUCH for making avis with non conventional pets! As a love bird and chinchilla owner, THANK YOU!!
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  4. Hammy 👀💖
  5. It is?
  6. I Hope Blue haired one isnt leaderboard🤣
  7. the 999 looks so fresh i wanna swim inside my room!🤣
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  8. agreed! i love how they are connected:rolleyes:
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  9. Must 🤌🏼 have 🤌🏼 them 🤌🏼 ALL 🤌🏼 🥺
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  10. This is so cute! 😭❤️
    The furniture, the exotic pets... All of it is a big yes.
    I love the creativity here and how the decor fits well in the room (and looks like some of it could also blend nicely with other furni).
    Aquariums are always so pretty and this one is no exception. I love that I can recognize the fish species!

    And those lovebirds on the computer monitor: babies. I love them so much.
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  11. Love the bed!
  12. hollon this is really cute :,0
  13. Awe. Guess it's ok. The artists are getting more and more cartoonish which makes it look like lazy like. Also very disappointed, was hoping for a Chinese new year hunt like we usually do. Every year now it's finally the year of the Ox. And nothing. Hopefully you'll maybe put at least a purchasable year of the ox avi in the shop by the 26th?!? Here's to wishful thinking.
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  14. Does anyone know which avis would be 3rd side story avi? 🥰
  15. So cute 😍 I love the box avis