Buying/Selling Zodiac Shards Official Forums Post.

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  1. Selling all my shards wmo
  2. 🔷🔸 Sold
  3. Selling Greek and Zodiac shards, 5:1c and 10:1c
  4. Swapping any of my shards for your Sagittarius shards.
  5. Between 5:1 chibi and 10:1 chibi, depending on which ones, I believe.
  6. Swapping all my shards for CAPRICORN
  7. Chinese Zodiac ends in 2 days!

    looking for 620 RAT BEADS
    Selling/ trading for rat:
    4 pig, 14 dog, 17 rooster, 14 snake, 15 tiger
  8. Swapping all my shards for Cancer shards!!!
  9. How many do you need?
  10. Buying Rooster beads for 8-10:1c
  11. 🌸🐰Instant Rabbit Avi(Over 800beads) for trade only with either rat, dog, ox, tiger, or dragon beads! WALL ME IF INTERESTED! 🐰🌸
  12. Selling Greek and zodiac shards. Looking for interested buyers
  14. selling shards in starred
  15. ✨Selling shard in starred or exchanging for sagittarius✨
  16. Trading all Greek/zodiac shards for Virgo
  17. Buying Capricorn shards 👀

    Also selling all my other greek and Zodiac shards OR trading for Capri! ♑
  18. 🔥 Buying or Trading for virgo, aries and athena shards. Wall me. 🔥
  19. Trading Shards for Pisces. wm
  20. Trading all shards to aries wm