Budget friendly new food?

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  1. Im semi allergic to dairy and i think maybe a intolerance to gluten as well. Im like constantly bloated as fuck. So i wanna try a gluten free and dairy free diet for a bit and see if it helps me. The only issue is everything ik how to make involves gluten and/or dairy in some way.

    Im not buying the gluten free special products coz they expensive as fuck (eg a loaf of normal bread is $1.29 but a loaf of gluten free bread that is way smaller is $4.89). So needs to be stuff that can make from scratch.

    Breakfast is semi sorted coz can just make eggs on toast. But another idea for something different would be good to.
  2. Smoked bobo with sweet chilly sauce
  3. Yoooo I switched our diet up to gluten free & dairy free about 2 months ago. Don't buy gluten free bread, it tastes like shït.

    Rice is your best friend, it's gluten free. So make whatever you were gonna make with rice instead of bread or noodles.
  4. Oooooo thats good. I thort rice was gonna be out. Yay can still make fried rice then so thats 1 meal sorted. Just need other ideas
  5. Even if i wanted to do that monkeys dont exist here apart from at the zoo
  6. Buy it .
  7. I have no interest in eating a monkey. Ima stick to cows and chickens
  8. Bring Beer and potato chips for me.b
  9. Ew im not wasting my money on beer
  10. Good. Don’t because it probably contains gluten. And never waste money on gluten free beer. It’s disgusting.
    I’m not sure what you have on hand or locally but tuna salad or chicken salad (can add grapes and walnuts to it too) are fast things that should fit that. Potatoes are my best friend and I know someone with a similar diet that almost always just gets French fries at restaurants since that’s all she can eat. Unless you’re also trying to cut out starch then can’t have much of those or rice. But as mentioned before rice is good too. Beans and rice are an easy budget friendly meal. If interested you can look up spaghetti squash as a substitute for pasta. Coliflor as a substitute for pizza dough if you ever want to try making at home. If you eat salad try making one with ground meat (or hamburger patty pieces) and lime juice on top.
    Try some Google searches for that type of diet too or try using those websites that give recipes based on items you can use. It can be hard to get on a diet like that for the long run because there’s so many things that have dairy and gluten. But I wish you luck.
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  11. Yehh and its a big change so will be alot to get used to. But hopefully it helps my body not hate me as much. Just needa find other stuff that gives calcium to
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  12. You can get calcium from leafy greens
  13. Ooooo mmk sweet
  14. Jello. There is always room for Jello.
  15. I used to love it. To sweet for me now tho
  16. They make sugar free! I hate the sugary Jello.
  17. Not here they don't. Not that ive noticed at least
  18. That’s sad 😢
  19. Tuna salad (I like the Tuna Creations, they are single serve and usually on saw for 10 for $10), any fruit and veggies, there's these almond crackers from Blue Diamond that are fairly priced pairs nicely with the tuna salad. Potatoes and rice for your starch. Look for Asian and Mexican markets, they usually have rice and potato flour instead of wheat flour. There's actually a lot. I had to be on a restricted diet for a while, and you have to have a certain attitude about it to not go insane. Focus on what you CAN eat instead of what you can't eat, then the possibilities really light up. There's also a lot of pasta out there made from chickpeas or lentils now that is really good. The Almond Breeze almond milk is the best one, the other ones are way too watery. Or to make creamy sauces or gravies, replace the milk with canned coconut milk. Nutritional Yeast is an ingredient usually used by vegans, but it adds a cheesy/umami taste to dishes. I use that stuff like parmesan cheese, but it is dairy free, and kind of addicting, like you will start sprinkling it on everything except desserts.
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