Break and Advise 

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Puppy, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Kindly give one week rest time after this hunt.
    we are tired of b2b hunts damn it.
    Secondly make War theme hunt or something like that where clubs have to fight each other and winner gets the prize cash and items and top 5 hitters within winning club something special.
    Thank You
    Everyone kindly send a feedback to ATA
  2. Make another thread , the first two were not enough. :D
  3.   
  4. Start a war theme hunt amongst your friends maybe? Give your stat items to the winners .. etc ..
  5. Make a long thread about this issue with BB codes, please.And watch ATA says NoSupport to it. ?
  6. No bb codes no color no emoji no gif

    No support :roll:
  7. Wars are not gonna happen here- Said by a dev
  8. You should just have your own breaks cuz ata sure isn't m8
  9. So many online games I play are really good with letting players take breaks

    Pimd on the other hand is a non stop press one button game  unless ata start losing money they won't change their ways and it will most likely become multiple hunts at a time
  10. U ppl do realize that no one is forcing u to waste ur life taping a button right... Want a break? Simply stop taping...
  11. You're taking part in current hunt but tired of them ?
  12. yea, start gluing instead
  13. Off days mean losses for devs
    Wanna take break ?
    Who is stopping you ?
    Go offline and pretend there's no hunt going on