Binge Worthy TV Shows

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  1. Euphoria
    The Vampire Diaries
    The Originals
    Van Helsing
    The Walking Dead

    (All can be seen on Netflix except Euphoria which can only be seen on HBO)
  2. Yo I loved every moment of Zendaya on Euphoria but everyone there is a monumental asshat. Like they're all absolutely horrible people.
  3. Cartoons
    Steven Universe. Absolutely beautiful gay space rock adventure.
    Futurama >>> the Simpsons. Fight me on it.
    Rick and Morty. Definitely borders on adult more than child but this app is for adults and certainly doesn't have anyone underage (coughcough) so yeah

    Attack on Titan. Great show for people starting to get into anime. Not too many episode (less than 60 so far). Great storytelling. Great voice dub. Very action packed.
    Deathnote. I can't oversell this show. It's basically a who can kill who first detective show where the bad guy is morally unconscious at worst.

    Mom. Absolutely hilarious. The cast work together beautifully.
    Seinfeld. Duh.
    2 broke girls. (Only seasons 1-3). Also Kat Dennings is why I'm not gay.
    Will and grace. Also why I am gay.

    The end of the f***ing world. A beautiful masterpiece.
    The Handmaid's Tale. The first season is breathtakingly amazing. It's horribly slow so if you don't have the patience of a rock I don't recommend it. If you do, it'll make you absolutely angry from start to finish.
    Euphoria. Every single person on screen is horribly but the entire show is so beautifully crafted. The cinematography??? The show actually seems like it's high along with the protagonist the way they make use of colour and camera angles.

    All of these are good starting points.
  4. 13 Reasons Why is a binge watch must if you have Netflix
  5. Only the first season. Please never watch beyond that.
  6. Breaking Bad
    Peeky Blinders
    Shooter (series)
    Hip Hop Evolution
    Trailer Park Boys
    The Good Place

    (Last Chance U
    (if you like football))

    [all on Netflix]
    pretty much any other show is a waste of time
  7. So I'm officially hooked on Steven Universe, I neglected PIMD for 3 days to watch the whole series. I liked the storyline and character development.
  9. *Internal screaming*
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  10. All 5 seasons + the movie... I just hope they make a season 6 and continue it
  11. Except BB she was funny, yet I'm biased bc my sister, Sophia plays BB, not joking, I'm frfr.
  12. Did anyone say Bojack Horseman? Because Bojack Horseman
  13. I watched it for a while, I enjoyed what I watched but I kinda lost interest in it
  14. how to get away with murder!! it's on Netflix and the 6th season is about to air I think. I'm still catching up because I took a hiatus during the 3rd season after I was spoiled on something, but I'm back binging. the plot and characters are complex and a LOT goes down
  15. Ive heard so much about it, but ive just never had the motivation to watch it
  16. Don’t watch it... it’s sooooo boring and yawning just like gossip girl ..
  17. 🤷‍♂️ Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and speculations
  18. If you like cooking shows/movies I recommend watching “The Chef” on Netflix. It’s made by Jon Favreau & Roy Choi both of which worked on the movie “The Chef”. Both the movie and show are great and kinda comedic.

    Fun Fact: Jon Favreau plays the character Harold "Happy" Hogan, Tony stark’s assistant(?) in the MCU so there’s some behind the scenes stories in “The Chef” show
  19. I kinda wanna see that one coming show for stoners ive heard about
  20. I have it in my list but I haven’t watched it yet. There’s a few different stoner cooking shows on Netflix lol
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