Attention Seekers Vs. Drama Queens

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  1. Attention Seekers Vs. Drama Queens
    I am tired of people complaining about PIMD not having enough wars and not doing anything about it, So I will.
    I am setting up a war on March 21,2014. The clubs will be The Attention Seekers Vs. The Drama Queens. if u won't be able to war that day well that's not my problem and don't sign up. This will be a 24 hour war. So be prepared. I will be matching kcs between the two clubs.
    minimum of 50kcs no max
    Sign ups will stop on March 14, 2014
    War will be declared March 21. 2014 at 12am PST
    People's name will be checked off the list once they entered the club
    Once you enter the club you cannot leave.
    Last day to ug is March 19,2014

    Bellow comment your name n kcs and the club you will like to join.
  2. Picture
  3.  bump . >> possibly joining drama queens << ?
  4. 400kcs I'm a attention seeker
  5. ? attention seeker 1.4m cs
  6. 400kcs attention seeker ;)
  7. ?400kcs drama queen
  8. ❄️ Lcbc Here

    ? Drama Queen
  9. War LCBC I don't care what side?
  10. 306 Kc drama queen
  11. 255kcs, either side.
  12. 809kcs attention seeker 