ATA is slowly killing PvP

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  1. Anyone who offers their feedback on forums as an active player is castrated and told to stop complaining 😪


    let’s not forget the broken PvP zombie hunt
    it’s like they /do/ try sometimes but there’s still so much missing from these aspects and there’s no feedback that’s received or acknowledged well
  2. Can we crowdfund to buy this poor person a thesaurus
  3. I’d also like to state an observation that majority of the Karen’s on this forum post don’t have any fight losses and probably don’t know what CF terms even look like...

    So why they’re even debating here, who knows.
    I’m not going to argue with people who are complaining about “complaints” on things that aren’t even slightly relevant to them. Anyways probably the last self post here 🤓✌️

    I’m down for more discussions in pms and what not
  4. HaBaek that is the whole fun part
  5. What is the fun part, Kefo?
  6. Watching the level of reasoning coming from some people

    People who don't even know the basics of pvp complaining about it because one time they lost money to it.
  7. Lol. I mean yeah, It’s a laughing matter.

    What’s even funnier is being called a “fairy” like it’s some sort of insult...coming from a 7-8 year account that has just a little above my fight losses.

    I’d like to hear the thoughts of others with more relevant opinions
  8. Everyone has the right to speak and give any feedback negative or positive about any new policies they implement. But I feel sad when new players post something in forums and they receive a lot of negative feedback especially from moderators. If you wanna argue or express your opinion make a new thread about parties and praise them don’t come here when you don’t even know how to use those battle buttons.
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  9. Arguing with green names in forums is my favorite pastime😔🖐

    But yes we do love negative feedback on a feedback forum from people who don’t PvP on a topic that discusses PvP and the new changes surrounding it
  10. Since I was reminded of this thread from my forum notifications..

    now that I think about it the real solution to this problem would’ve been to make rs asks free so when one asks to break rs as cf terms it isn’t wasting their ecs...but no that would mean less profit for the game why would they do that 🌝👐
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  11. Slowly? Fym? It's been dead for years lmao
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  12. You could say this for yourself, but it’s not a statement I can say as a newer player. I am seeing it in the current.
  13. You could probably farm everyone who's commented on this thread

    But you didn't get max stats in a year from farming 🤣
  14. Hell, give people another way to work for an ask out and let it happen 😴 impatient people could still just pay and give them their money, but then it wouldn’t necessarily be that and could just be a part of CF 🤷🏻‍♀️