Ata fix up

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  1. People always seem to overlook the fact that the boxes are a rng gamble. The lite boxes can give 200 but it can also give 50 and you can only get a finite amount per day. The paid boxes have a different range for the rng to hit.

    As far as the ultra rare items being more frequent it takes time to create content to add to the game. If they were to make the pay boxes drop more frequently people who were searching for then wouldn't have to search as long to find them. I believe the majority of the revenue generated by this game comes from people who have enough disposable income to keep spending or just dont care enough to stop. Catering to those who cannot afford to spend would definitely be a poor decision. Especially when there are people out there willing to spend thousands to place on a hunt.
  2. literally nobody is asking for that. like i said previously, i've spent thousands on boxes, and this is an issue i have as well. don't assume that every time someone makes a complaint it's out of lack of willingness or ability to spend lol
  3. I hate how I pay ATA and they treath me like trash. I really want to quit this game and just get my money back, because I also only get drops and now I also get shiit from the staff.
  4. you're 600kcs, how much could you possibly have spent... i would "treath you like trash" if you bypassed in my forums too ??
  5. You're who I was talking about though. You spend thousands to open them. You can and you want. If you ended up with everything you wanted you may not spend as much. Furthermore if drops were more frequent the value of the drops would be lessened.

    So if Im right and I assume ata sees it in a similar way, do to how their boxes pay, then you (the thousand dollar spender) wouldnt need to spend as much. It may boost those who dont spend but would that make up for losing a portion of what you contribute?
  6. i get where youre coming from, but we who spend thousands will spend just as much regardless of the payout. it's how we operate ?? in fact, it'd be safe to say most of us would probably spend more if we got more for our money.

    like i said, ive opened thousands of boxes and never gotten a 999ec item. if i got one per, say, 500 boxes on average, i'd be opening more. but it's really not worth it atm. they're shooting themselves in the foot, because next to none of us are opening hundreds of boxes per hunt thinking "okay, once i get one good item im done" and aren't going to spend less when given something worth our money.
  7. No that makes perfect sense. You're absolutely right.