CURRENT EVENT Are You Afraid of the Park?

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  1. I mean, we still have the entirety of November. Hopefully the first Nov hunt will be a general fall-y themed one.
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  2. We did get an autumn hunt, the moon festival hunt was an autumn hunt. Just because we didn’t get a westernized version of autumn doesn’t mean we didn’t get one!
    That isn’t to say we won’t get an autumn hunt later in November that is based in North America.
  3. Im sure we'll get something like that for Thanksgiving
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  5. How do you get the black girl AVI in this event
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  6. Better then last years but still disappointed I kind of hoped for ghosts vampires wolfs something of that kind
  7. By order of elimination, it should be from side story
  8. Thank you love
  9. You can also check out this thread each hunt to see what all the rewards are, including where to get the avis. It's updated as the information comes in, so be patient. Just check the last page for current info. 😊
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  10. You put an awesome Avi based on Moana?!? My heart is smiling so hard. Great job picking the best princess to ever exist 😁😁😁😁💞💞💞

    Ba da ba ba -- I'm loving it 🥰
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  11. How do we get the black girl avi for the hunt
  12. As said in a post slightly above yours, by process of elimination it should be the side story avi.
  13. Finally A story worthy of my time
  14. This hunt still sucks it seems like Ata is running out of ideas and it's just sad as he'll we need a good slasher hunt with Freddy and Jason or even a cosmic horror which hasn't been done before
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  15. I believe she might be on one of the side stories