EVENT Are You Afraid of the Park?

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  1. Ugh more purple furni in a horror hunt 💀
  2. you guys did such a good job!!! i’ve not been this excited for a hunt in a long time 💕💕
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  3. YOU CALL THIS HALLOWEEN ? Disappointed. 😕
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  4. I was hoping for a bit spookier but that’s okay. There’s still blood.
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  5. Spooky furni 🎃🖤👻 I love
  6. Probably my favorite hunt you’ve ever designed!!
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  7. Love the originality, and it’s perfect because I’m getting married and having my honeymoon at Disney World this December! 😍🥰
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  8. They brought the old Avis back?
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  9. Why is it called are you afraid of the park if it’s not even park-themed? 🤔
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  10. it's prismey themed stuff
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  11. Avis are meh. Its Halloween not Disney. Stupid. Least the stats are good
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  12. Disappointed with this hunt n ppl will.loose the interest now dor sure n leave the game
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  13. How do we get the one with the weapon
  14. Why is it always purple and black for spooky hunts? Why not red and black or orange and black? Heck or even brown and black 🤔
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  15. I was really hoping for scarier Avis. These aren’t even spooky. I was hoping for like ghosts, demons, vampires etc.
  16. I’m thinking the same bc there’s def an extra avi.
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  17. Oh and the fact that you may have to fight for the ghostly items? Lol
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  18. How to be a full member of a club???
  19. How do you get all the avi. I want the black girl with the cross bow
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