EVENT A Celebration of Country

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  1. Ok nevermind they put them ahaha ty Ata
  2. Tell me you were obsessed with Tiger King without telling me you were obsessed
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  3. Ata if you need an artist or idea artist for y’all I’ll happily help, cause yikes
  4. Gross.. such a waste of time
  5. You know I think it’s cool they decided to try something that isn’t an old diner kinda look but that dorm is a mess. I have no idea what went through their minds when they decided it was ready. The avis are kinda decent ig. Idk why I had more hope for the hunt lmao
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  6. Normally I love the Fourth events, and I'm even gonna visit Memphis for my birthday, but this is... So not what I was hyping myself up for.

    But hey, all those country cats out there got an event! I will give props to y'all for making stuff for just about every kind of person out there.
  7. Some Avi are good but idk they’re just mostly ugly or unappealing especially for 4th of July this seems just more random cowboy tiger king thing
  8. 🤣ata is calling our entire country hicks
  9. What kinda Yeehaw shxt is this
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  10. 🌚
  11. Lmao ew is this what America looks to other countries?? Oh LAWD
  12. yeehaw brother
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  13. The avis... meh
  14. Throw this hunt in the trash and call me Sally 🤠
  15. You are prove me wrong
  16. Let me hear your YEE YEE!!
  17. Not crazy about this hunt
  18. I love country music! As much as I cant stand these stupid 4th of July hunts, I'll take this one. Yay for the Dolly gif. Next year I better see a Canada hunt, you idiots!
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