EVENT A Celebration of Country

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  1. Its kinda good. I don't like furnis very much tbh but avis are kinda cool. Like the pet stiles too. Totally better than past hunts...
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  2. I'd like to thank youns at ATA fer highlightin our state's beloved pride n joy in her post Mrs. Dolly Parton. God bless us all.
  4. As a born and bred Texan, may I just say…

  5. The furni is really… confusing? Too many colors and nothing fits together. A hot tub, fireplace, and plants hanging off the ceiling? Uh… okay I guess. 😬
  6. The avis are to cry for ;-;
  7. Meh, another 4th of July hunt to add to the pile
  8. So much to wait for rs dates 💀
  9. Worst 4th of July event ever and a crappy misrepresentation of true country. Thanks for showcasing the absolute worst in country
  10. Wtf is the dorm it doesn't match 😭💀
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  11. Yeah the room is horrible and doesn’t go 🥴 but the Avis are good 💜
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  12. Where are the date boosts???
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  13. The more I look at it the more I hate it
  14. Oh. I love the theme, but dislike the aesthetic, which is sad. The avatars aren't my cup of tea, not ugly but just nothing special.

    But the real question is WHAT is that room? It doesn't even fit the color scheme, and the furniture barely matches 😩 Why is it pink? That's what is sticking out as a sore thumb here.

    But yay, invites! At least we can make some bank 🤑
  15. Actually, just wall me when theres a cash boost going on-

    Imma go inactivr lmaoo
  16. Disappointing
  17. Sorry but the dates?
  18. What a disgrace