EVENT A Celebration of Country

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  1. yee haw mf🤠
  2. hlo
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  3. Yo, you use Wheein 😭😭

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  4. yall chose the worst music genre & said let’s roll with it huh 🤠
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  5. Expected shards too lol
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  6. i love the fact that you used whee in's gif 😏
  7. Call me when the promos are
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  8. Kinda like it , better than last hunt
  9. when was the last actually good hunt? don’t remember
  10. WHEEIN ❤️
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  11. At least there’s invites
  12. And I thought it would Canada ; it’s a celebration too 🥺
    👉👈 July 1 “who says it has to last only 1 day” 🇨🇦
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  13. I like the wallpaper
  14. No
  15. Boo, you got rid of the special hunt dates. Only reason I looked forward to July 4th hunt