NEW FEATURE 🥳Party In My Store 🥳

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  1. I'm actually majorly in favor of this for the currency conversion alone.

    Nice change ATA!
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  2. I have iOS and I click on the links and nothing happens…do I need to enable something?
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  3. Tap on the link and hold on it so it pop-up a window and ask you to open the link and it will redirect. Just tapping once won’t do anything
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  4. @ATA-Will Can we have the link to the website to molly’s corner or somewhere in the game for easier access for everyone? Thank you for this change, I believe with time more people will get the hand of it and love it! xx
  5. As mentioned in the post, yes
  6. Is the link to the store working for anyone else because it isn’t for me. 🫢
  7. Can you copy-paste the link in your browser if you cannot hold the link to have a window pop up and open link ?
  10. 😳 did my reply show up for anyone else? I swear I typed a reply.

    it worked when I tapped the link. When I typed the url into the search engine, it brought me to a different page that wasn’t the store.
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  11. Thanks! It wasn’t on the original post at the time I posted the question ☺️ Looks like it got updated afterwards. Appreciate ya!
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  12. Remember not every website starts with www
  13. I didn’t type in www.

    it’s okay though because I got everything figured out. ☺️
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  14. Will there be new deals made like when black Friday comes around or just the current ones that are on there right now?
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  15. Lots of helpful questions here everyone! Appreciate y'all helping each other out :)
    I'll move the URL further up in the original post so its easier to find for those that have difficulty tapping through the link.

    Regarding questions on further deals or new deals in the Web Store, I don't have any more details for y'all just yet, it's only day 3 of it being live!
    V2 of the Web Store will have more functionality and allow us to include things like Subscriptions, and Limited Deals, but that is all being worked out still so I'll need your patience there please :D
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  16. One remaining issue that remains not always clear . On IOS (IPhone/ IPad) for example, you must tap and hold to have a window pop up. No change for your update for this. I test it 2 minutes ago. If the original post, get this as specify, maybe it will help those who view the original post for the first time.
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  17. From the looks of it, it looks cheaper, no tax(?) and they offer a 5% discount. Check it out and read the details.
  18. There will be tax. They still gotta follow the law. They are able to get prices lower coz theres not a big ass company there to take a big cut of the sales
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  19. Whoaaaa now that's pretty dope!
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