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    Just when you thought Halloween couldn’t get any more bewitching!

    Demons, potions, and poltergeists await you as we take a walk on the darker side of Halloween...but only until 12PM PT November 3rd

    Event-Exclusive Premium Party Series


    What's the deal:
    ☞ Each Party will cost a certain number of Halloween Streamers! to start.
    ☞ Each Streamer set will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. The Streamers are a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too ;)
    ☞ Each Party will be a bit more challenging than the last, so best of luck to those who are able to unlock the final one! Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party.
    ☞ Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    ☞ The more challenging the Party, the more terrorific the rewards 😈

    1 Halloween Streamer = 5 Extra Credits

    Avatar Sneak Preview

    Sneak a peek at these spellbinding avis...if you DARE! 👀


    Scared yet bb...?

    Spooky Halloween Pet Styles

    Check out these frighteningly fantastic Pet Styles available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Skins Box!

    u...and PIMD Halloween's just getting started...


    Only the most deliciously demonic dorm for u, hun 💜

    Available throughout the Stories, Event Boxes and Autumn Furniture Box!


    Spoopy Ouija board, is there more to look for...?

    ....why yes there is! Check out this thread for details on the Demonic Avatar Box:

    Also congrats to Sansa for being the first today to guess what it was spelling backwards! You just won yourself a Sabertooth Mechitten! Your prize will arrive shortly!

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  2. Yiiiiieeeeut
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  4. Not a fan of the dorm but I like the avis
  5. spoopy scawy skewetons
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  6. Ooky Spooky :^0
  7. No to the avas wtf
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  8. It's So Cool😍