PROMO 💝 Valentine's Weekend Promos + Love Spells! 💖

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. In the ec date 🤧 spend spend 😂
  2. Well this Valentine’s sucked.
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  3. Put on the cash date and you get 3.5x payout
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  4. You seem ignorant if you think Lunar New Year is only celebrated in China.
  5. Ah, the "whataboutism". Doing a hunt for a country is very different from a holiday celebrated by several Asian countries (you think it's just a Chinese holiday, which makes you look dumb tbh). ATA do Diwali celebration in some kind of way each year, I fail to see how doing something similar for Lunar New Year would be too much to ask of the devs. So go educate yourself before trying to lecture me about what I can or cannot complain about.
  6. Here its always been called chinese new year. Chinese is what call people from china. But ok another example then....waitangi day. Its a celebration every year. Not a single hunt about that. But you never see people moan about that. Why? Coz this is just a game and the devs can do whatever the fuck they want. It really doesnt matter. You complaining about them missing 1 year.....why not celebrste all the years they have d6it? Stop being so negative
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  7. What abt the feathers???
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  8. There was the Pruim avis that one year. It's not a hunt, but the base avis were 5ec.

    But that was before avi coins and spinner boxes.
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  9. Pur
    Purim** ugh, wish I could quick edit.
  10. Yehh cant edit on dev threads
  11. More countries than China celebrated Lunar New Year, just an fyi.
  12. I would like a Chinese New Year hunt rather than just avatars like last year. I would be excited to see what the dorm is like. 😬 Hoping it would be different than the last dorm. I think it was a year of the pig dorm...or was it dog?
  13. Yeah, they've also had avatars, furniture, and stat items related to Hannukah during December hunts.
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  14. Disappointed, as usual.
  15. Ata: here’s a nice lil promo for y’all and some cool temp name emojis and fun stuff 🥰

    pimd users: wtf no lunar new year? Ata is terrible and can’t do anything right! it ain’t even valentines yet chill, one thing at a time :rolleyes:
  16. lunar new year is today and valentine's day is sunday....
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  17. To put it more clear, what I mean is everyone expects LNY when ata is obviously focused on valentines this year and can’t just be happy with the promo, without complaining about something else too
  18. Thank you for the promo WITH the already cash bonus dates, I’m sure my pup will enjoy my upgrading 😂 also, love the broken hearts. So cute 🥺
  19. I mean I'm not upset they haven't put anything big out, but I feel like it isn't that difficult to put out even gifts for it lol ans they plan these events/hunts beforehand, you realize yes? It's just kinda disappointing that it goes uncelebrated on PIMD, without even a mention of it, after they do something for it 3? 4? years in a row.

    Yes, I appreciate the promo, but it was to be expected since it's.... ritual for ATA to do a x2 promo for invites, just like how people expected avi shards for valentine's day.

    Also, w further digging, the year of the pig aka 2019, they did a weeklong hunt for LNY. LNY that year was on Feb 5th. 9 days before Valentine's Day🧍🏻‍♂️
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