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  1. I hope they don’t add valentine avis just to watch y’all complain about another thing you feel entitled to get from a 10 year old app that puts out consistent new content for us, most of which is completely free
  2. You can get to the tasks through the phone icon and the XC below the phone icon. The first side story is where you need to work with your rs, if you want you can join a cc club but you don’t have to. It will be slower to achieve the 4K if you don’t join a cc club but it can be done.
  3. They almost always have ones during the Easter hunt.
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  4. LITERALLY LMAOOO they’ve been complaining for 2+ years now that ATA is money hungry, to the point they boycott and say they won’t spend anymore money, but complain when ATA doesn’t put out something that costs money? give it a break 🙄
    things cost money so that they can keep this app running and actually pay their team
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  5. finding a good rs isn’t h*eing around. some of you take this game too literally. my rs and I are don’t talk a whole lot, we’re just friends. we’re there for the stat boost.
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  6. The people that told you that are incorrect.
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  7. ATA acts money hungry. Plain and simple. ECs don’t HAVE to be bought with real cash lmao, why are you lot forgetting that and getting so angry? 💀 Like yeah, a lot of us want a bunch of Valentine’s stuff because.. we like Valentine’s Day. A lot of us also have EC saved from all the promos, meaning not having to give ATA any money at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️
  8. ata money hungry this ata money hungry that

    a lot of you seem to forget that ata is a literal corporation, of course they’re money hungry that’s capitalism baby!
  9. A lot of people’s offerwalls, like mine — do not work. If you work on ios majority of the time the offers are trash, or you have to pay REAL money in order to get offers done. So sometimes buying EC’s are literally all people can do. You’re lucky you get to save. c:
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  10. Nah, i have iOS and my offers are absolutely horrendous but I do even the smallest ones. For BF offerwall, I had gotten around 260 EC from those crappy surveys and such. It’s annoying, but even ones only offering 5-10ec are helpful. I totally agree that it’s trash and I wish we had better stuff, but gotta do what we can.
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  11. Must be nice. I can’t use my offer wall at all. I’ve sent emails to TapJoy and still can’t access them. I’m not banned, i don’t know what the problem is. ATA can’t help either so im just out of luck. :<
  12. afaik using offerwall and making IAP still pays the apes. it's just "free" for you. you buy it with your time and data 😎
  13. Oof, I’m sorry 😞 My offerwall right now is absurd, so I get it. Good luck with gettin it figured out tho
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  14. I find it funny y'all complain about the rs survey thing this is the third year they have done a side story using your rs for valentines day so its how you look at it either you stay with your rs and accept the side drops you get or move so please stop complaining
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  15. it’s called giving feedbacks. Also, as with a lot of things in the world, just because things been wrong for many years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say anything about it to bring about change. Let’s be honest this survey thing can be refined and more features can be brought in to make it more inclusive to all. I’m pretty sure that there’s a sizeable community of people here who also don’t like how they programmed this survey thing so why are you shutting down people’s right to say something about it?
  16. Ask outs are literally free during vday hunt I really don’t understand why you’re upset about it
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  17. Doesn’t that too make you a cry baby since you’re also in the feed now? 🌚
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  18. How do I rs test
  19. Hit the player reellovesurvey
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  20. its not feedback it's more like if it
    its not feedback one the ask outs are free and before they did the rs side story people always used the free rs ask outs to rs left and right so they took the opportunity to give people something out of it but then again you werent here before that time I was