STORY PASS πŸ’’πŸ””Wedding Party!πŸ””πŸ’’

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  1. So I understand choosing what you wear chooses the gender of the avis, but what about the next choice, the partner? Does that affect the avatars?
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  2. I got a question... By which pass do we get the last bridal avis, & can we proceed with the story even if we skip 1-2 pass in between?
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  3. That's what I wonder too!
  4. No, it's just choosing what gender you want to be with for the story.
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  5. It does not.
  6. You need to buy the regular VIP pass for yourself (199EC) if you want all 4 tiers of the avi. The tradeable pass will start the story for someone else once you trade it to them.
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  7. So in restarting the story to get the opposite avatar there is no need to buy another vip pass, right?
  8. I was thinking he looked familiar especially the groom version. Reminds me of the red carpet and action star avi from the last story pass πŸ‘€
  9. Tier 1 avis. πŸ‘
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  10. Just here to point out the irony AGAIN of how big a deal they made out of LBGTQ+ Pride avis then for the rest of the year make story passes only focusing on masc and femme presenting avatars. It’d be really nice if ATA was supportive throughout the year and not just during June to make money through virtue signaling.
  11. Correct, you buy it once and can restart after finishing it.
  12. Oof, everything is all starting to look recycled
  13. Ngl this is the dumbest post I've seen on here πŸ’€
  14. Excluding and discriminating? Bruh you're welcome to join us, we didnt say you couldn't. However you do need to pipe down considering at one point it was legally okay for us to be beaten to death in the streets for being Queer and it has NEVER been acceptable to do that to someone just because they were straight.
  15. You can't be seriousπŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
  16. Passes used to be 99ecπŸ‘€πŸ˜‚
  17. Wasn't that per gender though? They've kind of combined them now.
  18. I wont bother wasting my ECs like i did on the last one
  19. Why does every bride’s eye shadow make up look the same? Is it tradition...
  20. In some places it still is.
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