NEW CONTENT 💎Birthstone Avatars 💎

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  1. I agree but also have you seen the other green avatars? Oml I'm glad they used pearl for this one.
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  2. This is incredibly rude. The amount of time and effort that goes into creating the content is enormous. They made these FREE to get out of timer boxes and lite boxes. They’re also gorgeous but you know, you’re entitled to your wrong opinion.

    and on top of all these and the 6 shard Avis, the 6 actual event avatars, they were also planning this current hunt, next hunt, and probably the next (at least) 5 hunts. Expressing your opinion is important but there’s a polite way of doing that. A simple “not my style” or even a “I don’t care for these” is better than telling someone they’re not even worthy of being paid for their hard work.
    I’m NOT an artist but I watch some of my friends (who are artists) stream when they draw and it takes HOURS just for them to do a bust, imagine a full body and 24 of them. Lol.
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  3. Why yall do ruby like that tf
  4. They always do November avis dirty tbh, even the horoscope one wasn't cute
  5. Buying ruby and citrine with stats lmk if deal
  6. Bumping
  7. I'm in love with the female turquoise 😂
  8. Wow what a real job they have LMAO!
  9. Completely suck at it. And yeah your right I am entitled to my own opinion so bounce on sweetie.
  10. Nah, they don’t suck at it. Most people couldn’t do what they do with constant new avatars, even with reused poses they’re new, and items. While I agree that things can be adjusted to be better, which I’ve discussed this earlier in the forum, that doesn’t magically make the artist bad. It’s also very much so a real, difficult job. The artists have a LOT of work. You’re completely entitled to your opinion, but we’re also entitled to our opinions which say you’re being plain rude and ignorant to an artists work. 🥰
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  11. So we had zodiac avatars, Chinese zodiac avatars, and birthstone avatars. Does that mean the Egyptian astrological signs are next? 🤔 I would be interested to see how they design avatars based on the Egyptian astrological signs.
  12. How demeaning of you. You want them to perform better at their line of work yet at the same time say art isn't real work? A damn shame at how disrespectfully entitled you are. You're more than entitled to your opinion, sure, but sometimes your opinion needs to be kept to yourself. Jfc.
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  13. Man, I wish drawing avatars for a game was my job. Sounds so fun😍
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  14. i mean, they probably still get paid more than whatever “job” you currently have. if you even have one.
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  15. Will they be putting the birthstone box in the shop anytime soon? :( i want to buy boxes but not available anymore
  16. Sadly, the boxes were available only for a limited time, and likely won’t be back in the shop
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  17. i just read this post and HELP i read peridot as PERIODT 💅🏼😭
  18. I highly doubt that LMAO
  19. You know what that’s the kind of risk you take when you add stuff publicly. You don’t like my opinion hop on. I posted my own opinion and I am completely entitled to that just like you are yours. I could have commented under all the positive comments abt these Avis but I didn’t bc I respect others opinions. Their business. And when did I say artistry wasn’t a job hm?