NEW CONTENT 💎Birthstone Avatars 💎

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  1. I personally will get my birth month and then I'll probably get one or two that I just like the look of.
  2. Holyyy! They’re so beautiful! My bento maybe broke again 😂
  3. Emerald is lame. Nooooo, thanks you!
  4. Why you use pearl for june alexandrit is more beautiful a green pruple combo
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  5. 😭😭😭why does ruby arms have to look gross. As if skin tags or whatever grew her skin.🤮
  6. Loving the opal. Thank you. Yes we the most beautiful YET AGAIN 😍😍😍😂
  7. Tbh I’m salty that they’re all cute but mine. Petition to have Peridot remade bc ew.
  8. The male ones pretty cool
  9. Yup I believe so 🤔😂
  10. Beautiful 😻😻
  11. Most of these look pretty good, I’ll be saving for a couple. Only real downsides in my opinion is November, since the F and M avis look so similar without a real fem or masc difference at all, and the fem hands. Looking at specifically ones like the April and (especially) March, the hands look like they’re swollen and all around claw-like.
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  12. I’ve seen lots of players request for androgynous avatars so I think making the fem and masc avatars similar is a good thing.

    As for the hands, they look pretty normal to me 👀 Maybe it’s just because- for the March avi at least, the fem avatar is a bit more plus size?
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  13. Well, atleast now I know my birthstone is diamond.
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  14. Not gonna lie, November on both genders are looking pretty, and pretty dope! First time I've wanted an avi. The name Citrine surprised me. I expected Topaz, or even Spinel!! I wish ECs cost less though so I can get more of the avis quicker, but it's cool. One time thing. ☺🤎
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  15. Why are the October avatars always hot like damn 🥵
  16. Anyone selling turquois (December) gems? Wall me plss ≥﹏≤
  17. It's Opal
  18. Why do they all look so stupidly evil. 😔