NEW CONTENT 💎Birthstone Avatars 💎

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  1. Gemini pearls 😍
  2. Gift me unwanted shards :) collecting amethyst
  3. Selling 250 turquoise for 2b wmid
  4. Looking for the poop emoji to insert here.
  5. Is there a thread to exchange/sell these shards?
  6. There's no birthstones thread but theres famous thread where ppl usually buy/sell showcase items which including birthstones

    U can check the thread on 'Other PIMD Discussion'
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  7. There’s one that I found but it hasn’t really been used. Here is a link to that thread
    And as has been mentioned you can always use the thread for buying and selling showcase items
  8. Thank u ! 😄
  9. I don't actually like any single one of these avi, can you please make any interesting one. Thanks
  10. Any unwanted Garnet or Turquoise shards ❤️ Please send them my way Thankyou ✨✨
  11. Selling my stones, specially a ton of garnets :)
  12. I'm selling my birthstones for good prize. Like 100:30c and 100:25c, just add me or wall me. Thanks!
  13. Selling instant garnet 7-8b
  14. Will me if you have pearl shards please!
  15. I'm looking for opal shards, willing to trade!
  16. I’m selling birthstone shards 5:1c
  17. Swapping turquoise for Pearl wifd
  18. I thought maybe by now these would grow on me. I was wrong.
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