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  1. Cry abt it my opinion
  2. People on here act like their the only ones allowed to speak their own opinions on here and if they don’t like yours their all up yuh ass on it 🤣 GROW UP! STOP GETTN ASS HURT SO EASILY! Simple as that. 🤣❤️
  3. My dude, I’m just saying you’re being dramatic. Cope 🥴🤙🏼
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  4. honestly it just sounds like you can’t handle people disagreeing with you ... thats bound to happen especially when you act as immature as you are now.
  5. And your not? “Cope” LMAO
  6. Your literally quoting yourself. Your the one disagreeing bc your the one who had a problem w my opinion? Don’t get it.
  7. And I’m immature for disagreeing w you? Who even are you? Z.
  8. No, you’re not immature for disagreeing. i never said that. its how you’re acting by people disagreeing WITH YOU. learn some comprehension skills lmfao jesu.
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  9. Evidently you need to. Idek why you have such a big problem w what I said? You don’t even know me so it shouldn’t occur to yuh.
  10. Anyways! No more attention for drama queens-

    Good job artists, I hope you all know you’re doing a great job even if we pick out tiny “flaws”. The avi art has been great (love the recent demon shards and current hunt box avis!) and y’all have been doing soooo much work with all these shard/box avis along side constant hunt and monthly avis. Keep up the good work 🤤💕
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  11. Right. No more attention for drama queens.
  12. Chile.. anyways opal and aquamarine are my favorites. I wish they’d have used topaz instead of citrine but it’s still cute 😌
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  13. Opal is overrated. Where is my Diamond Gang!!😎🔥🔥
  14. Selling Instant Garnet avi 🎈
    Selling 120 turquoise
  15. Thank you!
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