LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🎨🏙️Concrete Culture🌴🌿

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    Tess and the squad's trip downtown to see a B-ball game turns into a day out in the concrete jungle! Celebrate all the city has to offer in this event!

    u explorin' this event



    Pet Styles


    These are available for purchase at varying prices until the end of the event on June 23rd at noon Pacific Time.

    Event Furniture

    Go downtown in your dorm! 😎
    All available through the event boxes, Spring Furniture Box and the Furniture Store!*

    *Note: white graffiti will not have an outline in-game.

    u takin' over town!

  2. Ooh this is a neat concept
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  3. Avis are cool😍💗
  4. Isook I guess haha
  5. OOOOH yasss this is cute
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  6. So pretty 😍🔥
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  7. Loving It💖💓
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  8. Awesomeeeee
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  9. Teehee, congo 🥂
  10. No
  11. 👁👄👁
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  12. I dig the avis finally ❤
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  13. Gives the same vibes as one of the old boombox hunt so meh i guess.
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  14. Concrete cuties
  15. Love the avi😁