Do you speak Aussie?

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  1. I was sitting on my verandah, in my trackies, having a hot choccy, when some bogan walks past carrying an empty esky, looking all agro.. I asked him what the go was, as I smacked a mozzie from my arm.. He said he was at the Bottle-O tryna buy some goon and a couple of longnecks, but the checkout chick was his ex-missus, and she'd dobbed him in to Centrelink, so his dole was cut off.. 

    I asked him why he was walking, and where his ute was, but all I got back was "Dunno".. I felt sorry for the poor bloke so I offered him a cuppa and a Vegemite sanga, but he said he felt like a dag and wouldn't stay, but maybe he could use the dunny..? I said of course, and showed him to the loo.. 

    When he was done, I asked what he was gonna do.. "Yeah, might head down to the pub for a few schooners and play the pokies for a bit.. Might pick up if a decent chick cracks on to me" I told him not to get sprung by the booze bus on his way home, and to crash here if he needed to. Even told him I'd wag school, and we could take the tinny out for a fish if the weather was good.. He laughed, called me a yobbo, then buggered off down the pub..

     Aussies know what I'm talkin' about 
  2. Omglove it
  3. Bloody oath ahil
  4. Translation?!? 
  5. 
  6. Australia is the colloquialism capital of the world
  7.  true that, CJS!! Even I feel like a bogan saying half of that stuff ?
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  8. Exactly how Aussie talkYou just missed Macas
  9.  midnight Macca's run after the pub lol
  10. LOL I love it 
  11.  half inspired by our goon talk the other night, Trish! 
  12. You would be a sexy bogan
  13.  got my trackies and uggies Boop.. Ready to skank it up 
  14. I understood Loo.

    Damn americans with their limited vocabulary. 
  15. LOL I had a feeling it was Ahlie 

    You forgot the abo's down asking "You got two dolla cuz"
  16.  dollar for da bus?
  17. She speaks Aussie very well