Secrets about the person above you 

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jason, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Well ya learn something new every ?
    And she's a Harley Quinn wannabe
  2. Both of yall are pretentious af
  3. Secretly likes impractical jokers.

    Skoopski potatoes.
  4. Likes being called big daddy.
  5. Bruh u r a stalker smh
  7. They don't call me the interrupting cow for nothing ;)
  8. Likes to suck toes
  9. actually into sucking toes rp
  10. I'll get banned if I mention his/her secret
  11. Thinks he knows dirty/bad secrets about people
  12. Likes to butt jug some jenkem
  13. Dresses up in Mrs Claus's clothes
  14. ^ wears a hockey mask and scares people with a machete
  15. hates pumpkin
  16. Isn't actually Justin bieber
  17. Luvs to dance in the shower