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  1. 15b per mcs. Not 150b.

    U just need 270b
    15b * (18)rounded up(20) = 300b
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  2. Hey can anyone Explain me about replacing dormmates . Just simpl question what should be my hire value,If i replace 80b dormmates with 300b what Actually stat do i get in kcs . Ty
  3. I can say that your combinated stat will increase by 196040 if u replace tier 7 with tier 8 😊 but I don't know how to calculate the right hire value, even if your hire value not influence your stats or plunder or other
  4. Simply cause it's not the right formula combinedstats *15k, plunder depends on which dormmate u have. For example two people with same combinated stats but with different doormates (so different intelligence and strength) they have different plunder so they need a different value of tutors.
  5. It varies a bit but nobody needs less than 14m*kcs or more than 6m*kcs
  6. Idk with my main I hired tuts counts *15k and I grown up very slow even if I spend money for money boost (and I had more less drops per parties) now I m growing faster cause I'm not following stat* something number, but just looking my earn in parties (without any boost) and doing some counts with excel
  7. How should i upgrade my dormmates should i got from T7 to T8 or T7 to T9
  8. Skip a tier.

    T7 to T9 and
    T8 to T10
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  9. so the best thing i should do it to go for T9 or T8 and then go to T10
  10. No. T9 would be upgraded to t11.

    We are skipping tiers. Capiche?
  11. I’m confused because I’m at 19.4mcs but I get max plunder with 100b tutor. The math says it should be 300b.... am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  12. I am currently at 890890 combined stats,what will be my max plunder?
  13. When referring to cs, this is base stats, correct? The stats listed on my avi page?
    And tutor value is based on their purchase price and not their stats?
  14. So how would it work if do my stats times 15 and I get around 600,000 what should I look for?
  15. if you are asking what your max plunder would be, you’d need about $885m put into tutors.
  16. Tbh ATA should consider explaining how plunder works during the tutorials. And better if they indicate in tutors page if they reached the max plunder.
  17. So I have 10mcs and I have over 150b in tuts yet when I attack like it says the number doesn’t stay the same.
  18. When you are hitting someone your plunder will decrease like you health while hitting.
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  19. And this is a very old thread plz ask @Muschi or @Kefo for more info about plunders🤗🤗