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  1. Is it 15b per mcs in your base stats
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  2. It’s still the same as mentioned in the guide.

    A few players claim to have seen different, but ATA has confirmed that no changes have been made to plunder.
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  3. Thank you, guys :oops:
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  4. Does having too much value in tutors negatively effect your max plunder?
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  5. Yes. But I’ve never had a noticeable difference.
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  6. Thanks for the fast reply! Your guides are awesome btw 💕👌
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  7. No. However the stats of your tutors and the tutor bonus you get from them negatively effects how much money you make.

    You could spend 999T on a 0/0 tutor and your plunder would not go down.
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  8. Having tutors decreases plunder based on stats. I forget the rate. I think it's mentioned in this guide as being 30k for every 100kcs in tutor bonus.

    I will quote the section

    You have some large tutors around the hundreds of kcs. So to put that in perspective, a nice 2mcs tutor would set your plunder per hit back about 600k. Not even 1m. Compared to what you already have, it's not much.
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  9. You’re welcome! Glad I could help.
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  10. Yes, like Day said it's not too noticable.
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  11. It doesn't, though.
  12. Thanks guys - I have a much better understanding now 💕
  13. And what about the lower levels? I'm maybe 4kcs and I want max payout. How do I know how much to hire?
  14. 15m for every 1kcs. So 60m.
  15. My stats is 281k and I have 2 tutors of about 10.1b in value.. yet my plunder in party doesn’t increase.. did I do something wrong? Previous I have 8 tutors with values altogether about 8b.. same plunder in party.. am I doing anything wrong.. what value of tutors do I need to hire? Please help🙏🙏🙏
  16. 281kcs means you're looking at a combined tutor value of around 4.2b (281,000 x 15,000 [a.k.a. "15m for every 1kcs", mathematically rephrased {you'd be surprised how many people will argue with me about that; 15,000,000 x 1 = 15,000 x 1,000}]). Your plunder isn't going up with more tutor value, because you're at what I would refer to as an "overmax tutor value". With the tutor value that you had at the time of writing, you would need to hire better dormmates, to increase your cs, to get a change to your plunder. At 10b tutor value, that becomes a cs of ~666kcs (10b÷15k; for further proof: multiply 666 by 15m ["15m for every 1kcs" {or 666,000 by 15,000; for the record, I think it's less confusing in the long run to just say "take your combined score and multiply it by 15,000" but that's just my opinion.}])
  17. In my experience I can say that when you are a low stats you Have to increase your tuts value. Your stats*45000 and not 15 000. I don't remember when it changes, but now I need Just 15000 or maybe less. But until 1/2 mcs (I dont remember the exact point) you need more tuts. I saw it on my alts and friends too. Also, a dorms with all strenght give u more plunder so more cash on parties. Otherwise more intelligence is helpfull for hitting a hard parties (when you are low stats).
    Since eat/rave/tease give more cash than peace sign/snark/High five you can do a test. If u take the same money on the two bars means u need more tuts 😊

    How much Money u make doesnt depend on stats but depend on plunder. By testing different way on my alts I saw every dormmates has his own plunder. For example tier 5 with 3 upgrades gives u more plunder than a tier 6 basic, but less stats. So u Have to choose if u want more stats or more plunder 🙈
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  18. 🤔 when you're trying to math and calculations say I need 2.7T in Tuts at 18mcs but when i hire new tuts no plunder change