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  1. Art Starzzz no drops
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  2. Counter no drops
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  3. FA101 doesn't drop
  4. FA no drops
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  5. first time using the forums, trying to find it XD
  6. Testing back alley debut
  7. Diy won't drop it was a previous potd
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  8. Confirming no drop from FA101
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  9. The player posts a comment that includes their club's name and the party they will test or ongoing. Try to avoid double testing (especially on long parties) to be more efficient with their members. The template is updated a bit before it changeover occurs. The updater is human and can make mistakes, so there's always a link to find the source. Feel free to post on my wall @GoddessHailey for any questions/ inquiries. (I will not spam every day what the POTD is personally. I don't have time to do that.)
    See at the bottom of this post on the walkthrough on keeping track of the thread's latest update.
    A Celebration of Country
    Changeover occurs at 12pm PDT || 2pm CDT || 3pm EDT || 7pm GMT || 8pm BST || 3am SGT
    Here is a thread for time conversion if you're unsure about time.

    Key: Party drops max of your Main/Side
    • Dog Star drops max of 700/180
    • Cat drops max of 500/100
    • Bikini drops max of 250/50
    • POTD drops max of 126/28
    • PPOTD drops max of 245/49
    • Novelty Novice max of 160/40
    • Bottle Rocket Rookie max of 280/80
    • Mid-Way Mortar max of 400/120
    • Senior Sparkler max of 600/220
    • Explosives Expert max of 880/350
    Party Of The Day
    Old Party Of The Day - NO LONGER DROPS
    Not Started Yet - CLUB WILL TEST
    Being Checked
    Not Party Of The Day

    • Dog Star
    • Cat Cafe
    • Pizza Pop (Art)
    Regular Parties

    • Prank Primer
    • Limo Luxury
    • DIY Tattoo
    • Big In Japan
    • Dumpster Dive
    • Hype Machine
    • Just Dance!
    • Frisbee Follies
    • Enjoi J-POP!
    • First World Problems
    Pro Parties

    • Unknown Pro 06/29
    • Noodle Express (PRO)
    • Fake Art 101 (PRO)
    • SkyHigh Party (PRO)
    • Prank Primer (PRO)
    • Afternoon Delight (PRO)
    • Blue Plate Special (PRO)
    • Art Starzzz (PRO)
    • Unknown Pro 07-08
    Not Started Yet

    Being Checked

    • Afternoon Delight - RotR
    • All Roads Lead To Beer - MnK @Quentin_Tarantino
    • Back Alley Debut - SYN
    • Cabana Cool - WTC @Maria2143
    • Cosplay Please - P.I./ Redemption
    • Draw Manga! - K&K @Khayde
    • Factory Art - KAK @KevinRiveraTheFriendlySatan
    • Fitspiration - HLC
    • No Hand Brakes! - CCP
    • Restless Keg Syndrome - M2S/IT

    • All Roads Lead To Beer (PRO) - JJS
    • Back Alley Debut (PRO) - Mob
    • Cabana Cool (PRO) - TFA
    • Cosplay Please (PRO) - JD
    • Draw Manga! (PRO) - HC
    • Frisbee Follies (PRO) - WB
    • Just Dance! (PRO) - UN
    Not Dropping

    • Art Starzzz - CheekyC @Cheeky_Charizard / AD
    • Arcade (Mis) fire - Redemption
    • Counter Culture - GCTA
    • Fake Art 101 - Heaven/ Integrity
    Parties Which Need To Be Checked

    • Anime Expo
    • Blue Plate Special
    • Noodle Express
    • Skyhigh Party
    • Wait-Listed
    • Anime Expo (PRO)
    • Arcade (Mis) fire (PRO)
    • Big In Japan (PRO)
    • Counter Culture (PRO)
    • DIY Tattoo (PRO)
    • Dumpster Dive (PRO)
    • Enjoi J-POP! (PRO)
    • Factory Art (PRO)
    • First World Problems (PRO)
    • Fitspiration (PRO)
    • Hype Machine (PRO)
    • Limo Luxury (PRO)
    • No Hand Brakes! (PRO)
    • Restless Keg Syndrome (PRO)
    • Wait-Listed (PRO)
  10. Arcade ain't drop
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  11. Redemption test cosplay
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  12. Draw Manga didn't drop at kinks n kisses.
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  13. MMC will test Anime Expo
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  15. No drops RKS @IT
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  16. Testing bps @NL
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  17. No drop from all roads
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  18. No drops from cabana cool
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  19. WTC will test noodle express