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  1. Hey Pimders, this is a New and Improved guide that will tell you all the BB codes and how to do them! :D I bring to you... Version 2.0!

    -BB code work in forums and only forums. BB Codes do not work in forum titles, only the text in the actual thread.

    -This guide was made on my iDevice for other iDevices (iPhones, iPads and iPods.)

    -I'd just like to say this is Version 2.0 my fourth version. I'm always trying to improve this guide. I'm open to suggestions if you'd like to help me :D

    -If your attempting a BB Code and don't know if you'll get it right, I suggest reading that section of the guide 2-3 times before trying.

    So let's get Started!

    BB codes can make you text look pretty cool if you master them. But failing a BB code could make you look like a pretty bad noob.

     Sections: 

    1. Definition
    2. Color
    3. Size
    4. Bold, Underline, Italics and Code
    6. Rainbows
    7. Lists
    8. Pictures
    9. URL's and Links
    10. Forum Emoji's and Emoji's
    11. Combinations
    12. Updates

    Section 1. Definition
    Did you know that BB Coding stands for Bulletin Board Coding?

    BB Coding is what players use on forums to change the colour, size, boldness and many more of text!

    BB Coding is broken up into different section, today I'm going to show you all those section:

    Section 2. Colour 
    Color's are probably the most used BB code on forums, therefore you should probably know how to do them. To do colours, do EXACTLY this:

    [color=red[size=1].[/size]] Insert Desired text here [/color]

    Of course the text will come up In red when you do it. Red is not the only colour you can use, in fact, there is 150 different colors you can use. Here is a list of all of them:

    AliceBlue: Example.

    AntiqueWhite: Example.

    Aqua: Example.

    Aquamarine: Example.

    Azure: Example.

    Beige: Example.

    Bisque: Example.

    Black: Example.

    Blanchedalmond: Example.

    Blue: Example.

    BlueViolet: Example.

    Brown: Example.

    BurlyWood: Example.

    CadetBlue: Example.

    Chartreuse: Example.

    Chocolate: Example.

    Coral: Example.

    CornflowerBlue: Example.

    Cornsilk: Example.

    Crimson: Example.

    Cyan: Example.

    DarkBlue: Example.

    DarkCyan: Example.

    DarkGoldenRod: Example.

    DarkGrey: Example.

    DarkGreen: Example.

    DarkKhaki: Example.

    DarkMagenta: Example.

    DarkOliveGreen: Example.

    Darkorange: Example.

    DarkOrchid: Example.

    DarkRed: Example.

    DarkSalmon: Example.

    DarkSeaGreen: Example.

    DarkSlateBlue: Example.

    DarkSlateGray: Example.

    DarkTurquoise: Example.

    DarkViolet: Example.

    DeepPink: Example.

    DeepSkyBlue: Example.

    DimGrey: Example.

    DodgerBlue: Example.

    FireBrick: Example.

    FloralWhite: Example.

    ForestGreen: Example.

    Fuchsia: Example.

    Gainsboro: Example.

    GhostWhite: Example.

    Gold: Example.

    GoldenRod: Example.

    Grey: Example.

    Green: Example

    GreenYellow: Example.

    HoneyDew: Example.

    HotPink: Example.

    IndianRed: Example.

    Indigo: Example.

    Ivory: Example.

    Khaki: Example.

    Lavender: Example.

    LavenderBlush: Example.

    LawnGreen: Example.

    LemonChiffon: Example.

    LightBlue: Example.

    LightCoral: Example.

    LightCyan: Example.

    LightGoldenRodYellow: Example.

    LightGrey: Example.

    LightGreen: Example.

    LightPink: Example.

    LightSalmon: Example.

    LightSeaGreen: Example.

    LightSkyBlue: Example.

    LightSlateGrey: Example.

    LightSteelBlue: Example.

    LightYellow: Example.

    Lime: Example.

    LimeGreen: Example.

    Linen: Example.

    Magenta: Example.

    Maroon: Example.

    MediumAquaMarine: Example.

    MediumBlue: Example.

    MediumOrchid: Example.

    MediumPurple: Example.

    MediumSeaGreen: Example.

    MediumSlateBlue: Example.

    MediumSpringGreen: Example.

    MediumTurquoise: Example.

    MediumVioletRed: Example.

    MidnightBlue: Example.

    MintCream: Example.

    MistyRose: Example.

    Moccasin: Example.

    NavajoWhite: Example.

    Navy: Example.

    OldLace: Example.

    Olive: Example.

    OliveDrab: Example.

    Orange: Example.

    OrangeRed: Example.

    Orchid: Example.

    PaleGoldenRod: Example.

    PaleGreen: Example.

    PaleTurquoise: Example.

    PaleVioletRed: Example.

    PapayaWhip: Example.

    PeachPuff: Example.

    Peru: Example.

    Pink: Example.

    Plum: Example.

    PowderBlue: Example.

    Purple: Example.

    Red: Example.

    RosyBrown: Example.

    RoyalBlue: Example.

    SaddleBrown: Example.

    Salmon: Example.


    SeaGreen: Example.

    SeaShell: Example.

    Sienna: Example.

    Silver: Example.

    SkyBlue: Example.

    SlateBlue: Example.

    SlateGray: Example.

    Snow: Example.

    SpringGreen: Example.

    SteelBlue: Example.

    Tan: Example.

    Teal: Example.

    Thistle: Example.

    Tomato: Example.

    Turquoise: Example.

    Violet: Example.

    Wheat: Example.

    White: Example.

    WhiteSmoke: Example.

    Yellow: Example.

    YellowGreen: Example.

    Or here is a link to a website with all the colours.

    There's a list of all the colors you can use. There's alot of colors so I doubt you'll use all of them.

     Section 3. Size 
    Sizes are probably the second most used BB code, so again, it's probably a good thing to learn how to do it.

    -Sizes reach a maximum of 200. Anything over 200 will NOT work.

    - Size 20 is the smallest size that is readable, though you can still use sizes below that.

    -For the sizes to work, remember to take out the asterisk (*)

    To do sizes, do this:

    [size=200*] text here [/size]
    Remember! Take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

    Size 200 is largest, size 20 is the smallest (that's readable), size 100 is normal size.

    1. Text = Size 20

    2. Text = Size 50

    3. Text = Size 100 (Normal Size)

    4. Text = Size 150

    5. Text = Size 200

     Section 4. Bold, Underline, Italics, and code 

    Bold, Underline, Italics and Code are not used as often as size and color, though they are still cool.

    Bold: Example of bold text
    How to do bold:

    [b*] Insert text here. [/b*]

    Underline: Example of underline text
    How to do Underline:

    [u*] Insert text here. [/u*]

    Italics: Example of italic text
    How to do Italic:

    [i*] Insert text here. [/i*]

     Example of code text 
    How to do code:

    [code*] Insert text here. [/code*]

    -You have to take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

    Section 5. Quotes: 

    Quotes, again aren't the most used BB code but I assure you that you'll use them atleast once. There are two different types of quotes: Personal Quotes, and Quote boxes.

    Quote Boxes:
    Quote boxes can just be 1 box:
    Or 2:

    Or 3:

    To do a Quote Box:

    [quote*] Desired text here. [/quote*]

    To do 2 Quote Boxes:

    [quote*] Desired text here. [quote*] More Desired text here. [/quote*][/quote*]

    To do 3 Quote Boxes:

    [quote*] Desired Text here. [quote*] More Desired text here. [quote*] Even More Desired text here. [/quote*][/quote*][/quote*]

    -You MUST take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!

    Personal Quotes:
    Personal Quotes are to show what a certain person said or wrote.

    Example of a Personal Quote:
    To do a Personal Quote, you do this:

    [*quote="Persons Name"] Insert Desired Text Here. [/quote*]

    -You must take the asterisk (*) out for it to work! You surely know that by now right?

    -You also MUST have the quotation marks (" and ") around the name for it to work!

    Section 6. Rainbows! 
    Everybody loves rainbowwwwwws! So let's make rainbow text! Rainbow text is pretty awesome, it makes your writing look very colorful. So here's what you have to do make rainbow text:

    -The "Click Here for Photo Tutorial" is to show you what you have to do for each step. I'm not telling you to look at them, just telling you that if your not quite sure you can look at the Photos.

    1. Click on This link.

    2. Select the "Rainbow" option.
    Click Here for Photo Tutorial

    3. Enter the text that you what to be rainbowfied in the "Your Text" box.
    Click Here for Photo Tutorial

    4. Click "Generate Code".
    Click Here for Photo Tutorial

    5. Copy the "Output Text"
    Click Here for Photo Tutorial

    6. Paste on forum's and you'll have rainbowfied text! :D
    Click Here for Photo Tutorial

    This is a example of what rainbow text looks like. Pretty cool hey?

    -Sorry for the bad quality in the pictures.

     Section 7. Lists
    Lists, the hardest and most annoying BB code ever. I never really use lists, though they still look good.

    • Make points
    • Clear and good looking
    • But they're hard to make

    As you can see, they look nice but are hard to make.

    How to make a list:

    [list) [*) Make your point here [/*) [*) Make your second point here [/*) [*) Make your third point here [/*) [/list)

    -For it to work, change the )'s to a ]

    -You DON'T take the asterisks (*) out when your doing lists.

    You can make you lists as long as you want. You can also have different types of lists like:

    [*list] = A bullet point list.
    • Example of
    • A bullet
    • Point list!

    [*list=1] = A number list.
    1. Example of
    2. A number
    3. List!

    [*list=i] = A Roman Numeral list.
    • Example of
    • A Roman
    • Numeral list!

    [*list=a] = A letter list.
    • Example of
    • A letter
    • List!

    -If you're using those different types of lists, you have to take out the asterisk (*) before the word for it to work!

    Alternatively instead of using the BB Code, you can use the dots on your keyboard.

    •It Looks
    •Ok, but not as
    •Good as BB Coding

     Section 8. Pictures 

    There is two different ways you can put pictures on forums:

    Option 1:

    1. Download Photobucket, a free app on App-Store
    2. Set up an account
    3. Upload a picture from you iPod/iPhone/iPad
    4. Go on albums
    5. Select desired picture
    6. Click the (i) button in the bottom right
    7. Copy the very bottom code (IMG Code)
    8. Paste on desired forum and TaDa, your picture is on the forum.

    Resizing Images
    When pictures are posted they are wayyyyyy to big! To make them a good size, follow these steps:

    1. Go to PhotoBucket
    2. Go into the settings in PhotoBucket.
    3. Select "Upload" then click on the "Image Size" box.
    4. Select 320x320.

    WaLa! Now your pictures are a good size!

    Option 2:

    1. Google or Safari search the picture.
    2. Once you've found that picture, copy the link it's tagged under.
    3. Once you have the link, go to forums and do this:

      [img) Paste Picture Link Here [/img)


    -If your doing Option 2, change the )'s to ]'s for it to work.

    -Remember to keep all pictures ToU appropriate!

     Section 9. URL's and Links 
    Many things can be linked to show on forums, for example I linked the rainbow website. I'll show you how to do URL's and Links. This section will be broken into two sections.

    Section 1. URL
    If you want to do a URL link then you do it like this 

    URL or website link here [/i]] text you want to be linked

    Remember to keep all links in ToU appropriate! The ToU can be found here

    -You may want to keep in mind that only Moderators and Developers can link Threads and Thread Pages.

    Section 2. URL
    In section one, I told you only Moderators and Developers could link thread pages. Will in this section, I'll tell you how you can do it also!

    1. When you get the link of a Thread or a Thread Page, you've passed the first step.
    2. Once you have the link, you put it through bitly to shorten it. Bitly can be found Here.
    3. Copy the shortened link that comes out of Bitly. Once you've copied it, paste it on forums as a rawr code, or do it how I showed you in section one of URL's. :D

    And Now your URL's will Work!

    Section 10. Forum Emoji's and Emoji's
    There are two different types of Emoji's on PimD, Forum Emoji's and Regular Emoji's. I'm going to show you how to do both of them:

    Type 1. Forum Emoji's
    Forum Emoji's only work on forums, by doing any of the Emoji's below, it will automatically change into the example given:

    :) = :*)

    :D = :*D

    :( = :*(

    :cry: = :cry*:

    :| = :*| (Stovepipe, between \ and ~)

    :? = :*?

    :shock: = :*shock:

    :eek: = :*o

    :p = :*P

    ;) = ;*)

    :cool: = :cool*:

    :mrgreen: = :*mrgreen:

    :geek: = :*geek:

    :ugeek: = :*ugeek:

    :x = :*x

    :evil: = :evil*:

    :twisted: = :twisted*:

    :lol: = :*lol:

    :oops: = :*oops:

    :roll: = :roll*:

    :?: = :*?:

    :!: = :*!:

    :idea: = :idea*:

    :arrow: = :arrow*:

    -Remember take the asterisk (*) out for them to work!

    Type 2. Regular Emoji's
    Regular Emoji's, which are just known as Emoji's can be used anywhere on PimD. To set up Emoji's, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Settings on you iDevice.
    2. Then go into the General section and go down into the keyboards part.
    3. Click on the "International Keyboards" box.
    4. Once your in there click "Add new Keyboard and go down and select Emoji.

    Congratulations! You've installed Emoji on your iDevice! To use them click on the "Globe" box on your keyboard.
    Click Here for Picture of 'Globe'

    Section 11. Combinations
    Did you know you can combine BB Codes? Well you sure can! You may have noticed that when I do my Notes! I'm using color and size. I'll show you how to do that:

    Note: For this example I'm using the color aqua and size 200. I'd just like to note that you can use all BB Codes, all sizes, all colors, bold, italics, underline, code, lists, quotes, well ALL OF THEM!

    To do Combinations with color and size do this:

    [size=200*][color=aqua*] Desired Text Here. [/size*][/color*]

    Your text should look like this:

    -When doing combinations you still have to take the asterisk (*) out!

    -When you do combinations remember to start and finish both BB Codes your using.

    Section 12. Updates
    This Section will show you all the previous updates of this Guide :D

    V.2 (Current Version)
    • Major Update:
    • New Information Added
    • Pictures changed to Spoilers
    • Spelling and Information Errors Fixed

    • Major Update:
    • BB Coding Errors Fixed
    • Pictures Fixed
    • Information made more Easier to Understand
    • Updates Section Added
    • Definition Section Added
    • New Link Added

    • Major Update:
    • Pictures Added
    • Combination Section Added
    • More Information Added
    • Fixed BB Fails

    • Original Guide

    End of guide BB Coding Guide
    Thanks For Reading! I hope you learnt something from it. If you do not think this guide is good, or structured well, then you can have a look at these other guides:

    Name: BBcodes: Color and Size and both!
    By: iPBM
    Information: The first Stickied BB Coding guide. It gives the 'Noobs' a heads up on BB Coding.

    Name: BB Coding by Artilex
    By: Artilex
    Information: A full BB Coding guide by Artilex :D

    I'd just like to say thanks for reading and I hope this helped :D

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  3. Note! This one will be Replacing the one in Strategy Section, you can view a link to the old one Here.
  4. Thank you ... I often refer back to this guide :cool: Anyway I fail at doing lists look below:
    • Fail[/]
    • Fail 2[/]
    • Fail 3[/]

    You get general picture so what am I doing wrong?
  5. It's [list) [*) Point one [/*) [*) Point Two [/*) [*) Point Three [/*) [/list)

    But replace the )'s with ]'s 
  6. :cool: Cool guide, especially made by a moocow! 
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