EVENT ☘️👻 Spirits of Ireland 👻☘️

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  1. I’m sorry but what the f*ck is this
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  2. if you’re gonna be racist at least use your real account LMFAO
  3. You really made a new account just to troll huh?
  4. Where is the punishment for this? Racist.
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  5. These look like any other avis we already have 🥲🥲
  6. why should anyone be happy with the bare minimum? piggy banks barely help those with high stats unless you save over 10k. stats are apart of the game because of farming, no one would play if it was easy to farm everyone. they could’ve done better.
  7. Nice&Cute 🍀
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  8. Gorgeous!
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  9. Another recycle hunt ♻️🥲
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  10. Y’all really don’t give af
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  11. 2 weeks of this? bye
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  12. Inconvenient. Wasted time on invite banners.
  13. Bring back the XC daily boxes 😭😭😭
  14. puppies 😱
  15. free? where?
    oh you mean the 125kcs stat items. generous lmfao.
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  16. smh I feel sorry for the clubs who wasted time and speakers promoting for invite sessions
  17. the vip will probably have ginger hair!🇮🇪
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  18. Simple, but still cute. I want the Daily XC though. 😔

    It's always funny to me how clubs insist on promoting invite parties before knowing how the hunt is going to be.
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  19. Y'all can do better than this. We were all rooting for you. 😔
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  20. I love the box avis, but that's about it. And knowing my unlucky streak with not ever getting an avi from the boxes even after opening hundreds in a single hunt, I think I'll take the two weeks as a break from the game. Hopefully the next hunt is more fun.
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