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need help with club

Postby m-a-r-s » Apr 15 2019, 12:40am

Hi so I’m the new pres of the club now since last admin left and most members left with them, admin aren’t active etc. I wanna get the club back to being active and getting parties done. Anyone wants to run it with me? Or have any advice 
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Re: need help with club

Postby Thursday » Apr 15 2019, 4:32am

Don’t give up. No matter what. Try getting people who will really boost the popularity of your club. Also, make your club banner and wall look super good so people want to join
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Re: need help with club

Postby ratsoap » Apr 15 2019, 2:12pm

I was the pres of a club for quite a while. If you have any questions or need help with something, let me know. I’ll be happy to help.
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Re: need help with club

Postby iAM-mimi » Apr 15 2019, 2:16pm

I can help you out if you want.
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Re: need help with club

Postby lililikarmalililii » Apr 19 2019, 12:30am

I also need help with my club cat cafe vip maybe we can work together to grow
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Re: need help with club

Postby Manic » Apr 19 2019, 12:41am

Please post in the existing club banner thread here. Locking!
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