Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

Postby The-Wise-Master-Phoenix-Gonzo » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:26 am

Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

Before reading my guide I'd like to people to know these exists:

Terms of Use
Rules of Conduct

They are important to the game, they are the rules. Please read them so your gameplay is enjoyed without having that ruined by your own actions.


In case any readers do not know, LCBC stands for Land Complete, Building Complete. It is a term to say that you have all the possible lands, in our case dorms, and Building complete means all of the dorm mates in them are level 4.

The highest Tier dorm mates you can attain currently are Tier 5, they are worth 10 bil for freshmen, and very difficult to LCBC on.

What do I mean by Tiers?
Tiers are the dorm room mates you buy to get stronger.
For the level 1 of each Tier each cost:
Tier 1- 1,000
Tier2- 225,000
Tier3- 16 mil
Tier4- 600 mil
Tier 5- 10 bil

If you want to learn more about what Tiers are _Warrior created a guide on their costs and stats as well as all dorm room costs. For a link to it click Guide to the Crews and Dorms of PimD .

Some people do not really have a plan for when they want to grow to LCBC , they just want to get there or be helped to get there.
Well, this is my help to all who want it.

I have not grown many people to high stats, no one yet other than my older ipod account. But even though thats true, I found out a fast way that a person can achieve those stats in under several months WITHOUT BUYING CREDITS.


Table of Contents

A. The Strategies


2. Parties

3. Battle List

4. Farming

5. Wars

6. Tutor Trading

7. Volleying

B. The Instructions

1. Making your way through Tier 2

2. Tier 3's

3. The dreaded Tier 4's

4.The Almighty,The Impossible T5's

A. The Strategies

1. Jobs

Jobs are the simplest and easiest way to make money. They pay very well when you are at the lower stats. There is not much to them really except they become much more difficult as you move on. They are worth it though as you move along, the last job rewards 20 bil, but it is the most frustrating job ever.


A thread by _Warrior about all the jobs and their rewards can be found 
Guide to the Jobs of PimD

2. Parties

Parties are jobs except the entire club gets to work on them.
The more people helping the faster it gets done. Try to coordinate your attacks together to focus on one part at a time, that way it is finished to move onto another.
Or you can split into groups, the more people teaming up the better.

Here are a few calculations on hits that can help you make the most money you can get, or get in the most hits in the least time.

Fight/Snark/High-Five/Peace-Sign takes out 5% health

2 hits from full, regen, 1 hit, regen
( for best $)

Swipe/Rave/Tease/Eat takes out 6% health
2 hits from full, regen, 1 hit, regen

Chug/Lecture/Complain/Facepalm -3%
3 hits per regen

Bro-Fist/Sigh/Drink/Giggle -2%
5 hits from full , regen, then 4 hits

 Note sometimes when you have a party where there is the option for fight AND chug like "Frisbee Follies"

for that use this

2 hits fight( from full), regen , 1 hit fight then 1 hit chug. You can at least work on both parts of the party that way.

And finally with _Warrior's help and permission I have a link to his guide on parties:Guide to PimD Parties

3. Battle List

The battle list is an old way to make money by challenging yourself to attack another player. The battle list now though has a new name called the people list because players used to be confused how to look each other up.


But none the less, it is the battle list. That is why this green little button on the right has text saying battle.


And do you need help figuring out how battles work? Here is a helpful guide by I-Love-Oreo-Pie:
Oreo's Guide to Battles

So, I encourage smaller players to use it and not be freaked out if you receive a random 2 or 3 hits from it.

So, If you see someone hit you 2 or 3 or 5 times and you have never come across them before, return those exact few. There is never and need to bring others into a problem that was not a problem in the first place. Remember one hit for one hit, etc etc.

4. Farming

Farming - 6-8 hits then later being hit by the same person consistently.
 That is my definition for hitting active players.

Farming inactives - You will want to attack 3 times every 10 minutes. That is the second to best strategy to make the most money.
Inactive Farms list that is more updated for you all can be found here by a thread made by TypicalEverydayNormalGuy:
List of Inactive farms


The best farming technique for most money is:

Hit 2 times, wait to regain health, 1 hit, then regain health again to be full again. Then repeat.

Here is the math:
Dancing takes out 6% health at the least.
100% health, hit 2 times is 6x2 = 12, so... 100-12 = 88
you have 88% health, and you regain 9% each time you regenerate
88 plus 9 is 97
then hit one more time
97 -6 is 91, then after regaining health it is at 100% again

Using fight takes out 5% at the least
100% minus 10 is 90, regen (99%)
, 2 more hits ( 89%), regen (98%), 2 more hits (88%), regen (97%), 2 hits ( 87%) , regen (96%) then hit one time , 91% then go back to 100%

In other words 2R2R2R2R1
R means regen ( or 2-2-2-2-1)

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it works mathematically.

Farmimg is one of the easiest ways to make money, and requires nearly no effort unless you are attacking a DTW Farm.

DTW Farm- An inactive target you farm that is always defender too weak (dtw).

There is no set way to farm inactives who are DTW. I have my own technique.

Since everyone, even our farms regenerate health every 5 minutes there needs to be a way to find it. This is how I do it.
1) I use a watch, I attack every 5-10 seconds until I get a hit.
 I use the watch to see what time I made the successful hit
2) I hit 1 second sooner until the farm is dtw, if the farm is dtw at 2:36 pm and 56 seconds, then they regen at 57 seconds.

To ensure I get a hit each time I change the clock on my ipod to be just before the regen of my farm.
The steps for this are:
1) Know the farm's regen time.
2) Know when you your clock changes time
( for example
it is 11:45 pm , when clock changes time it will be 11:46 pm)
3) Easiest thing to do is to have your clock change time 5-10 seconds before the farm regens.
- Go to settings, general, date and time, and giggle the minutes part of the clock the difference of time you want.

 Doctors Notes are another great use when it comes to farming dtw farms, using doctors notes change your regen time. So, use one 10-20seconds before your farm's regen, that'd let you know they regen just after. 
Warning ⚠ Your own regen may show up late sometimes because of lag. So for reasons I have not figured out yet, regen can show up 5 to 60 seconds late EVEN THOUGH it does regen when it is supposed to. Your health bar will just not show it.

The best way to make money through farming is to attack someone bigger than you. You make more than if you attack someone your size.

So if you are 6k cs ( 6,000 combined stats)
you will make more hitting off someone who is 15k cs than 6k cs.

This is important... When you want to switch to a higher tier it is BEST FOR PROFIT to replace your crews one by one, it is BEST FOR FAST STATS to replace a crew and go to level 4 on that dorm member before going to the next dorm member.

This works because you are attacking with more of the stronger dorm mates.

One of the other benefits of filling in all dorms with next Tier before upgrading is also because you will not get too big for the target you are farming, your stats will be close to their still, and your money you make by hitting still gets bigger.

Warning ⚠ you do not want your stats to get too much bigger than your target/farm, if your stats do then your money you make will decrease.

Another important part of farming
is to have tutors. Tutors contribute to a cash bonus based on the amount of money invested in them, not their stats.


I have figured out that that the amount to maximum amount per hit on a target acts in a parabolic way almost... . Sadly... I will not try to prove it, this is based off observations.

5k cs - 30-50mil in tutors
10k cs - should be 100 mil in tutors
20k cs should be around 240 mil
50k cs - 500-600 mil
60k cs -750 mil
80k cs - 1 bil
and it grows . these are not really exact obviously, just observations.

But if at these stats you have the amount of money in tutors, you will make the maximum amount you can when farming.

⚠ Be careful⚠ When your stats are close to that of your farm's the stats of your tutors will make a contribution. Your tutor base in a way adds to your stats... and so when attacking your farm it will take that into account .

So basically if yout stats tutor bonus gets too big for your farm/target, you will make less money. I had to figure that out the hard way a while back.

Now, as you are farming you might want to keep track of how much money you make. And again off of the idea of 3 hits per 10 minutes.

Get the 3 money values and add them up.
Plunder you make hitting someone drops 9.88% of the first hit.

so use 20 mil as first hit value

Using 3 per 10 minutes, you would get 20 mil, 18 mil (ish), and 16 mil (ish)
thats 54 mil per 10 minutes, then multiply by 6
324 mil per hour, thats not bad. Then multiply by how many hours you farm then you will get how much you can make in a day.

5. Wars
Wars are another fun way to get money, you essentially farm your opponents on the other side to try to make more than your enemy.

Wars are also a competition to team up and destroy the other club, it takes a lot of posting and long hours.

In wars you get taxed 20% of what your plunder is.
So for example if you were to usually get 10 mil first hit on someone outside of war, then the war tax will take 2 mil , leaving you to make on a hit 8 mil.

Even better, if you win the war you get back all the tax you dumped into the war.

I myself am not good at wars though I support real ones. BUT none the less here is a guide on all you need to know about wars by
How to War

I do not support PWars...they have been creating a negative attitude in the game.

6. Tutor Trading

Another method of growing is to trade tutors. I agree with the traders that it makes a lot of money ( depending on how big the price of the tutor is)

A really good guide for this is by

great tutor trading guide

You gain around 1.5% when a tutor is hired from you. So basically multiply the amount you bought it for by .015 and you will get close to what you will gain.

You will get an additional 1.5% of what the price the tutor was when you hired the tutor, NOT the new hire price.

As you get bigger this is highly recommended. It is an easy way to gain money, as long as you know a few rules.
1) Do not hire any tutors if the pupil is at war.

⚠Note⚠Just because someone says they are in war in their status it does not mean they are in war. You should litterally check to see if they at war.

2) In the case if Pwars, aka plunder wars, you do not need to worry about the pupil losing money in war, if they are not on the team being willfully farmed, it is ok to hire the tutors. BUT PLEASE STILL CHECK

7. Volleying

Aside from trading, another method with tutors is to volley. The only drawback to volleying is there is no guarantee the new player will stay active. My guess is 1/100 new players actually play for more than the first hour. The more vollies you do, the better, the more active your tutors are, the faster they will sell and the more you can volley.

It is not hard to volley, all you need to do is spam the hire button until a desired price. It is that simple and not much to it.

B. The Upgrading Instructions

1. Making your Way through Tier 2







Tier 2 crew are maybe one of the easier ones to pass. I will not be discussing Tier 1 because I assume that you will have been found and helped starting on Tier 2. So, lets start.

First, lets suppose you are brand new 14 cs ( combined stats)

stats- It is your power and influence over if you win or lose jobs and battles. Your stats can be found on your profile, your " bonus strength to pupil" and your " bonus intelligence to your pupil" are your stats. Add those and you get combined stats.

I suggest getting noticed in campus as soon as you can. There are always money hungry players who will want to volley you so you make money and so they make money.

When start the game you start off with 3 speaker items ( items used to talk in campus chat) and 12 extra credits.
( You can only use the speakers after you buy your third room, first is free).

Volley - When two or more players hire one tutor multiple times .

 Note The person being vollied will make an increasing amount if money, the most you receive from being hired will be 1,000,000
( 1 mil).


1) Most players will be annoyed by you and they will not hire you

2) One mil per hire is very little compared to how much you can make on your own, the less time you worry about asking, the more money you can make.

3) You will not learn if you ask for everything and not be independent, you will likely not reach high stats at all.

As for the people volleying/hiring, they too will make tons of money.

Usually a new player would be hired until they are 5,088 cs. That is about 12 Tier 2 crew members : Juiced up Jock, Compter Hacker, Sleazy Girl, Hipster, suburban rapper, or study fiend.
You can get any one of those 6 dorm mates, as long as you upgrade all 12 to level 4, you are set.

Now you will want to work on jobs, they are important and the sooner you get them all done, the less grief they will give you.

✨Work on jobs until they get very difficult, by that I mean work on jobs until you can barely get any success✨

Jobs can get you a lot of money, and for the most difficult and last of jobs they give large rewards, the last job, Plank Power, gives a reward of 20 billion.

Also, jobs can give you extra credits and doctors notes.

Per time you attempt a job you gave a 2% chance of getting an extra credit. THAT DOES NOT MEAN 1/50 TRIES. It means 1/50 chance per try.

All about the game that you should know here


But, this thread is about growing big and strong, that link is so you see
I-Love-Oreo-Pie's thread that is the best for understanding the entire game.

Now that jobs are impossible to do, you should start farming.

If you have been reading everything so far you know what farming is and how to do it.

By the time you are done working on the jobs I suspect you will have bought the 13th dorm room. What many people ask is to continue buying the Tier 2 ( $225k) dorm makes or the Tier 3( 16 mil). I usually see people buy the 14th room too and fill the 13 and 14th rooms with Tier 2. Next is the hard part, the transition. After this point I suggest stop buying Tier 2's. They will not really help you anymore. Now is the time to save up to buy Tier 3's.

I suspect you will be 5.9k cs at this time, and you should be farming any of the inactives I have provided in previous sections. Being Tier 2 does not last very long, maybe 2-3 days. If you work hard enough you can get Tier 3 crews within a few days.

2. Tier 3's







From what I have seen, Tier 3's take a long time to transition to, if you work hard enough you can pass them and move to Tier 4 in just under 3 weeks. Here is how to do it.

Now that you want to get rid of your Tier 2's ,you will slowly replace your Tier 3 for Tier 2's. If you do mainly farming on this your stats will grow pretty fast.
I usually advise people to attain 60 mil by farming, spend 30 mil on any tutor, the tutor stats do not matter.

Next, farm your way back up to 60 mil, this part is completely up to you when it comes to how long it takes.

Replace one Tier 2 for a Tier 3 for every time you reach 60 mil on hand, when you are done replacing, buy another 30 mil tutor.

By now, your stats will be around 12k cs. So far you have gotten yourself from 5k cs to 12k cs, not bad at all.

Next I advise saving up to 120 mil, when you reach that, buy 2 more rooms and fill with 2 more Tier 3.

Save up to 130 mil
Next buy another 30 mil tutor, and then save up to 150 mil.

To those who question why I say save up so much and not spend it all I suggest you have money on you at all times. You see, there are always open vollies on campus that you can make money off of. The more you have will allow you to make more.

So, say spend everything you have, for example now 10 mil, if you volley someone new off campus you will only boost your money to 12-13 mil at the most. But if you have 100 mil and volley someone from campus, you can boost your money to maybe 115 mil. Boosting 15 mil vs 2-3 mil.

⚠Notice⚠ I am leaving it up to you to decide how you make the money. Vollies on campus do get some good money. I usually tell my tutors to farm inactives, it is good practice for later.

Also be aware of people you volley off of campus, you always want to be careful how high you go because people will stop hiring and you can get stuck with a tutor that does not know how to upgrade. I suggest stopping at 150 mil at the most, vollies go to at least 200 mil, stopping at 150 mil is to be safe, unless you are personally asked to stop at a certain price.

Now back to the instructions, once you have 150 mil now upgrade one Tier 3 to level 2, and then do a cycle of regaining 150 mil, then upgrading.

After you have finished that save to 200 mil, buy a room , then save back up to 200 mil again and fill it with a Tier 3 level 2, that will cost 46 mil for the Tier 3 level 2. Then buy another room to fill with another Tier 3 level 2.

Now you will have 18 rooms, all filled with Tier 3 level 2. You will now have 22.6k cs. Congrats ^_^ You have made it from 5k cs to 22.6k cs, maybe you did it on your own, all the more of an achievement. And the best part it probably only took you 2 and a half weeks if you are really dedicated and hard working.

Okay, next you will want more money to have on hand that way you have more to work with, obviously.

Next lets make your minimum amount be 300 mil, but first lets hire another tutor, make it worth 50 mil, active and stats do not matter for tutors when you farm inactives.
So... reach 340 mil on hand and level up 1 of your Tier 3 level 2's to level 3. Continue to reach 340 mil to buy another upgrade to level 3.

Once you are done with that save up to 400 mil, buy a 100 mil tutor.

Why buy more and more expensive tutors?
The answer is as your stats get higher, the amount of money you need to keep a maximum amount for hitting also raises.
Why do we not want active tutors?
Active tutors grow and sell, sure you make money but that is less money going toward your cash bonus. Once you hit maximum cash bonus letting them sell is fine and encouraged.

So, back to the upgrading. Next save up to 500 mil, it will take some time but none the less it is not too difficult to accomplish at the stats you would now be. Once you get there buy 4 more dorm rooms, regain that 500 mil, then fill each of them with level 3 Tier 3 .

Next save up to 600 mil, if this is too easy by now save up to 900 mil. Higher the goal will make accomplishing it all the more sweet.

Once you reach 600 or 900 mil, buy level 4's in the same process we have been doing. Buy, save back up, then repeat.

Congrats ... Now it is about to get crazier, we might just start buying 600 mil crews soon...

Nope  not yet... not unless you want to spend so much time for it.

By skipping Tiers or skipping levels it takes a long time to do. I will explain that later.

Now back on track, save up to 1.5 bil. Buy 2 more dorm rooms.

Save next to 1.7 bil, buy 2 Tier 3's level 4 into those.

An extire Tier 3 costs 130 mil.

Next save to 2 bil. Buy 2 more dorms, save to 2.5 bil, buy 2 more Tier 3 level 4.

Buy a 300 mil tutor... these high price tutors might be a big pill to swallow. But none the less it will help with your farming if you choose to do so.

Some pupils reading this might wonder why I am not saying or instructing how to make the money?

I figure that those using the instructions use the different sources of money I have stated earlier in however way they feel necessary. I will not say how someone should make money, I believe that everyone should use whatever techniques properly suit them.

Now what you should do if you are still with me here is to save up to 3 bil, buy 2 more dorm rooms.

Then save up to 3 bil again, and repeat buying 2 more dorms until you have now bought all 32.

⚠ Leave these dorm rooms empty dorms with anything yet⚠

Now I will give my readers their choice.

1) Save to 4 bil then fill up the rest of these rooms with Tier 3 level 4.


2) Save up to 4 bil then buy a Tier 4 level 1. And move onto Tier 4's.

3. The Dreaded Tier 4's







Ohhh yes, the big bad Tier 4's. They take a long time to work on and are well worth the stats.

The Tier 4's are simple but time consuming. They are difficult to get. I can guarantee that if you can make your way through Tier 4's, then the next Tier will not be as impossible as it may seem.

Tier 4's are the chance to raise the bar, only so many people have I seen last so long as to work on them but lets get started.

By now you have saved up to 4 bil, replace 1 Tier 3 with a Tier 4.
Next buy a 1 bil tutor, again... tutor stats hardly matter when farming inactives.

Next raise the bar to 4.5 bil, after you reach that replace another crew member. ( Tier 3 for Tier 4)

Next part is simple, continue to raise the bar by 500 mil until you have successfully filled your rooms with all Tier 4.

This next part is important, I give you the option:

1) Save to 21 bil then upgrade each crew up to level 2. Use the same technique as earlier.
Technique would be: upgrade, save back up to 21 bil, then upgrade again. Repeat until all are level 2.

Then raise the bar more, save up to 25 bil and do that same technique for level 3.

⚠It has come to the attention of many players, your plunder/money you get for upgrading to level 3 does not increase⚠

And finally for level 4 save up to 30 bil, then use that technique again.

After all of that then congrats, you would be T4 LCBC ^_^ Not too many people make it there.

I suspect that if you are persisent enough Working for Tier 4 LCBC would take around 2-3 months from the time you start. If you work like me on this game more like 1 1/2 months haha.

2) The second option would be to completely skip all of that upgrading and to head straight to Tier 5.
Yes, this option would consume a lot of time. I spent a long time doing this transition.

Why get those Tier 4's level 1 if you were not going to upgrade them in the first place?
Thats what some people would ask and have asked.

Yes, I used money buying the Tier 4's only to skip them. Some people would see it as wasting money but let me just say it was worth spending that 19.2 bil.

The plunder ( money you get from battling). When you have all T3 level 4 your plunder is around 5 mil first hit on T4 lcbc farms. if you calculate the amount someone can make in a day with that it will be at the most 2 bil of farming in 24 hours. And no one can stay up 24 straight hours without sleep.
BUT if you replace all those rooms with Tier 4 level 1 your plunder can increase to maybe 14-15 mil first hit. depending on the farm. With that if you farm like me (15-17 hours a day), then you can get 3.8 bil each day. With that you can get 1 Tier 5 every 3-5 days rather than week or more.
Not only that but when you replace a Tier 4 level 1 for a Tier 5 level 1 the plunder increases 700,000 per hit  Thats a big deal. And it will continue to raise.

4.The Almighty,The Impossible T5's




These dorm members are the dream, the most difficult crew members to work on in PimD.
Now that you have been working on your own for a while now you will have become familiar with farming inactives. There is not much to say about this Tier but to SAVE SAVE SAVE!
Ohhh, did I mention up save?
Save up to maybe 50 bil, keep 50 bil with you at all times. Tutor trading and farming inactives are the two most important strategies at this stage. Tutor trading bigger, more expensive tutors will make great money, also your money from farming inactives will get huge.

If at this point you still want instructions on how to upgrade here they are.

The best choice would again be to replace all 32 dorms with level 1 Tier 5. Your Stats will be 440k cs .
The pay off a T5 LCBC farm would be around 47 mil first hit, very helpful.

Then raise your minimum to 100 bil, it will not take too long if you know how to make money.

Upgrade all of them to level 2 after each time you reach 110 bil, since 100 bil is a minimum. Use the technique discussed earlier, save, upgrade once, then save.

Next raise your minumim to 150 bil, whenever you reach 165 bil then upgrade a crew to level 3, keep repeating the upgrade as you have been.

 Finally, make your minumum 250 bil, then whenever you make it to 270 bil, upgrade to level 4

After my guess of maybe 4-6 months of hard work, you are now fully T5.
So! Look at this, a whole 10 to 14 months to completely upgrade to T5 LCBC without buying credits.

This is basically how to reach LCBC ☝ .

Thanks for reading yet another one of my long threads.

I hope this helps. However you spend your money is up to you. Good luck all ✌

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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

Postby The-Wise-Master-Phoenix-Gonzo » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:28 am

 damn, just noticed a mistake.  took 1 big scroll.
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

Postby iPBM » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:31 am

Too bad i dont have 11 months
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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 Too bad indeed
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

Postby iPBM » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:34 am

and i dont have the patience and time...
but, STICKY!
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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 I'll repost this with the fixed parts tomorrow... or in a few days. I made 2 errors.
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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This was still a very good post
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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I read the whole thing......and forgot about watching my own regen time! 
Well put guide! I knew a lot of what you put in this, but I also learned a few things too! Thank you! 
I will use this, since I'm switching from T3 to T4 now. I calculated it and I need 11.7 bil to get all level 1 T4, which should only take me about 5 days. Thanks for the great guide!

 I'm -AOC-fcgriff- and I approve this thread 
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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But this sort of kills social life.

But I like.
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Re: Guide to Upgrading to T5 LCBC

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I built my T5's over summer so didnt really need a social life until college starts up again.
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