One year

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One year

Postby LostAmongAll » Apr 16 2019, 3:22am

Finally it's been a year I am here and for this I wanna do a giveaway so whoever posts a really good quote or sentence of congratulations will get a 2mcs single 🤗
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Re: One year

Postby Anonymous » Apr 16 2019, 11:35am

You’ve made it a whole year on this app and haven’t gone completely crazy, many rp days you survived. We are all so proud this app has not eaten you alive :)
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Re: One year

Postby Christiana » Apr 21 2019, 5:35am

It's just one year, looking forward to see you complete more years ️
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Re: One year

Postby zzzzzion » Apr 23 2019, 12:04am

that’s cooooool
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Re: One year

Postby sleepwalk » Apr 25 2019, 7:14am

Give me the 2mcs instead
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Re: One year

Postby kayla9955 » Jun 11 2019, 4:18pm

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